Advertising for bitcoin ATM

How you can advertise and promote your business via our site:

Become a featured operator

Service description

Becoming a featured operator is one of the best opportunities on our site if you want to develop your own brand. The service is provided as a monthly subscription and allows to create a custom style operator page, which will look similarly to your website.

Such a page will include the following info:

  • Your logo at the top linking to your website
  • Your motto with a styled background
  • About section
  • Contacts
  • Map with all your locations
  • List of your bitcoin ATMs with details
This page will never have any banner ads or other advertising from competitors. Bitcoin ATM location links lead to google map directions for a user to be able to easily reach your machine.

Featured operators also have their logo branding placed on all relevant places for their machines.

Visual appearance

Featured operator is provided with an access to customization settings where content and style of the page can be set up. Here is an example of how such a stylized operator page might look:
Featured operators
Every bitcoin ATM listing of a featured operator has a logo and link to its dedicated page. Also there appears a separate link to the map of all locations of this operator:
Featured operators
And similarly logo and link on every map marker popup for this operator:
Featured operators
At the geo listings (state and city apges) your logo will be displayed in the "featured operators in the area" section with link to your operator's page:
Featured operators
On popup and detailed page listing in both our mobile apps (logo links to operator's page on the the site): Android and iOS:
Featured operator mobileFeatured operator mobile

Also featured operator's ATM listings have a header promo campaigns section removed, means that if a competitor advertises in the same geographical area using promo campaigns his exposure will be limited on ATM pages of another featured operator.

Extra services

Using the featured operator service also allows:

  • Create more than 2 user accounts to access the operator account;
  • Get a mapframe key, which allows to integrate the operator's map with ATM locations on external websites;
  • Customize the marker image on the map and icon image in the lists;
  • Get access to the submission API, which allows to automatically create and update listings.

Application process

This service is provided as a paid quarterly subscription. If you would like to become a featured operator — please send a message to [email protected]. We provide a free service of doing full customization for you.

Bitcoin ATM Promotion

Service description and visual appearance

There is an option to promote a particular bitcoin ATM on top of several lists (only listing pages within same geo area as promoted ATM are used), namely:

  • Header section of ATM listings (not belonging to featured operators) in the same geo area
  • Closest list (sidebar) of all ATM listings in the same geo area
  • Cheapest list (sidebar) of all ATM listings in the same geo area
  • All city listings in the same geo area
  • State listing
This is how a promoted bitcoin ATM will appear in header of other ATMs in the same geo area, which don't belong to featured operator:
Promoted bitcoin ATM
This is how a promoted bitcoin ATM will appear on closest locations list:
Promoted bitcoin ATM
Another example of the same promoted bitcoin ATM on the city listing:
Promoted bitcoin ATM
Finally, promoted bitcoin ATM will appear on search pages if it is within 50 km distance of searched address:
Promoted bitcoin ATM

How to start a campaign

In order to initiate a new campaign or prolonge an existing one:

  1. Log in on the site with your account and visit "Promo Campaigns" section.
  2. Select machines or teller locations to promote and define period.
  3. Initiate promo campaign and fund it to get started.

Terms and conditions

If you initate a bitcoin ATM promotion campaign you agree with the following conditions:

  1. Bitcoin ATM is displayed on geographically related listings, namely:
    • All bitcoin ATM pages in the same geographical area (in order to check the full list — go to the city listing of this machine)
    • All cities pages in the area of the bitcoin ATM locaiton (in order to check the full list — go to the city listing of this machine).
    • State page where this bitcoin ATM belongs to in case there are states available for the country of bitcoin machine.
  2. Number of impressions your ad will receive depend on several factors:
    • Total number of bitcoin ATMs in the area (e.g. in case your machine is the only one — there is no sense to promote it). The more there are bitcoin machines in the area, the more pages where your machine will be displayed at the top of lists.
    • Number of other promoted bitcoin machines in the same area. Site traffic is split evenly among all promoted bitcoin ATMs in the area at the same time. So the more machines are promoted the less is number of impressions dedicated for each one.
  3. There is no limitation on number of promoted bitcoin ATMs. You can advertise any number of machines in order to get more visitors traffic.
  4. If bitcoin ATM promotion campaign is running already, all new payments will extend the promotion period length on top of the currently paid period.
  5. Campaign starts when 1 confirmation is received for a payment.
  6. Promo campaign costs $1 for 1 day of promoting 1 bitcoin machine. Bitcoin payment is converted to USD equivalent based on BitcoinAverage price feed.

Do you need assistance? Send an email to [email protected].

Custom map integration for your website

We provide an iframe integration of bitcoin ATM map for particular operator's locations as a subscription service.

The map will be similar to this one, but with your bitcoin machines on it:

Send your inquiries regarding this service to [email protected].

Banner ads

There are several different banners can be purchased on the site:

  • Top Banner — Leaderboard (728x90) — displayed on all pages except blog.
    Banner Coin ATM Radar
  • Sidebar banner on ATM pages - Medium Rectangle (300x250).
    Banner Coin ATM Radar
  • Blog banners - Leaderboard (728x90) and Medium Rectangle (300x250).
    Banner Coin ATM Radar

The above mentioned banner places can be targeted to visitors from particular countries.

  • Geo Banners - Leaderboard (728x90).
    Banner Coin ATM Radar

Geo banners are positioned on geo related pages (state and all cities within the state) between map, featured operators list and list of ATM / Teller locations. Geo banners are not targeted by traffic, rather are displayed on particular geographic related pages, e.g. geo banner for California, will be displayed for all users visiting California related pages even from other coutnries.

For any of the above listed banner places you may provide up to 3 different images and links, which will be rotated within your dedicated pageviews.

Terms and conditions

The advertisement materials have to be provided at least 3 days before the banner placement.

We are interested in projects, which help increasing cryptocurrency adoption.

For any questions related to advertisements on CoinATMRadar site and other proposals, please contact us by email at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you.