Remittance via bitcoin ATMs / Tellers

Thanks to bitcoin ATMs / Tellers sending money abroad became easy and cheap. The process is the following:

  1. Sender buys bitcoins for cash at a bitcoin ATM / Teller location
  2. Sender sends bitcoins to recipient
  3. Recipient sells bitcoins for cash at a bitcoin ATM / Teller location

The process can be simplified as recipient doesn't need to know much about bitcoin. He can just initiate transaction, make and send a photo of the QR code and sender can use this bitcoin address directly. In this case recipient will just get cash out of the bitcoin machine, without having any wallet or software installed.

Below you can find a list of machines / tellers with publicly available price information. It can be used in order to find cheapest bitcoin machines / tellers remittance corridor.

Have you used bitcoin ATMs or bitcoin Tellers to make a remittance? Send your story to us at and we will share it with others in our blog.

Disclaimer: This list is provided based on public information, you need to check the fees and limits on both sides before initiating a transaction.


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