Bitcoin ATM machine in Riverside at GT FastMart 76 Gas Station – Genesis Coin

Installed on August 24, 2019

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Operator details

Operator's name: Blockchain BTM


[email protected]

Operator's working hours:
8:00 am - midnight
If voicemail, please text for quickest response

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City: Riverside

Location: GT FastMart 76 Gas Station

7494 Indiana Ave.
Riverside, CA 92504

Open hours:

Open 24/7

Bitcoin machine details

ATM Type: Genesis Coin

Supported coins and fees:

Operator disabled price reporting or information is outdated.

Bitcoin Fees: reporting disabled
Litecoin Fees: reporting disabled
Supported fiat:USD

Limits and verifications:

$20 - 500 daily with phone# *only
Occasionally BTM may ask for additional KYC info, such as if you have a very common name (ie., "John Smith"), etc.

$501 - 3000 phone# + one-time ID scan verification
$3001 - 9000 phone# + one-time ID scan verification + Social Security Number

(first-time users on any transaction can then create PIN for quick hassle-free transactions every time thereafter, across our network)


Cryptocurrency machine is installed at GT FastMart 76 Gas Station in Riverside.
You can buy BTC, LTC for USD here.

Usually plenty of parking at entrance
BTM located directly indoors, to the right, next to ATM

AttentionWARNING! Have you been suggested a job opportunity and then asked to send bitcoins using ATM? Or found a great deal, e.g. car on craiglist, and was asked to pay in bitcoins using ATM? You are highly likely a victim of a scam. Read FAQ for details!

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