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1000 Bitcoin ATMs

While bitcoin price fluctuates around $1000, on 16th February total number of bitcoin ATMs installed in the world reached 1000 locations.

1000 bitcoin ATMs

This is perfectly in line with our rough prediction made more than two years ago based on comparison of traditional bank ATMs growth in its infancy with bitcoin ATMs growth.

The speed of installations is also accelerating. For example, the last 7 days had average of 4 machines installed per day, which means almost 30 new machines were installed during last week.

Bitcoin ATM installation speed

Here is a growth chart of bitcoin locations over time:

Bitcoin ATM growth

All the latest data can be found on the charts page of the site.

Leading with respect to number of installations are still United States with 585 bitcoin ATMs and Canada with 138 bitcoin ATMs.

Top bitcoin ATM machines used are: Genesis Coin with 441 machines, Lamassu with 198 units and General Bytes with 162 ATMs installed.


You can find bitcoin ATM locations on our map.

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  1. Very cool. When I was in San Diego, I was literally around a Bitcoin ATM machine everyday. Tons of random people haha

  2. I seem to be missing the “contact” Icon on your site??
    Looking to talk about a Bitcoin ATM, nothing new on your site in 2017.

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