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200 Bitcoin ATMs data (infographics)

Last week there was a new milestone reached – 200 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. A bit late as we already have 209 Bitcoin ATMs in operation, but here are some statistics for the installed machines with respect to Bitcoin ATM producers.

200 Bitcoin ATMs Infographics
200 Bitcoin ATMs Infographics

As it is seen from the infographics, the growth rate of installed Bitcoin machines has increased. The first 100 Bitcoin ATMs were launched during 7 months, and the next 100 during only 3 months.

Speaking about the market dominance – the main player is Lamassu, with 38% market share. This rate is declining slightly over time, but is quite close to 40% for several months.

Another 4 major players are Robocoin (17%), Bitaccess (14%) , Skyhook (12%), and Genesis1 (7%). Together with Lamassu these manufactures have 86% of all operational Bitcoin ATMs across the globe.

There are some changing trends: Skyhook as the cheapest one is the most installed Bitcoin machine over last several month and has the highest growth speed for installations. With first machines reported in May it has reached 12% of all Bitcoin ATMs.

Bitaccess representation is also growing quite fast, especially after agreement with Cavirtex to launch a bulk of machines in Canada.

The bank-like Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM locations are also growing, but with a lower speed, while Robocoin share has decreased since May 2014. Of course, this is a big simplification to compare Skyhook machines with Genesis1 and Robocoin according to the number of operational machines, other metrics should be taken into account, e.g. the expected turnover for more advanced machines is higher (use Bitcoin ATM ROI calculator, or read our previous articles about Bitcoin ATM theoretical and practical profitability).

Anyway, the trend is observed in favor of purchasing small cheaper units, while they are more affordable even for small players or local shop/cafes owners.

Hope we reach 300 very soon, your forecast is welcome in the comments!

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