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Bitcoin Depot ATM

Bitcoin ATM Banking — How To Find a Bitcoin Friendly Bank

In this article we look at one of the most important problems bitcoin ATM operators have — finding bank relationships and opening a bank account.

Bitcoin ATM banking services

At the end of the post there  is a company mentioned that provides services as intermediary and connects bitcoin ATM operators directly with bitcoin friendly banks also providing additional services on the way.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with this company, please do your own due diligence before entering in relations. The material is posted and contacts are provided because in our opinion it brings a value for many operators who potentially need banking relationships, but struggle to find it. Continue reading

Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics February 2018

In January the world of cryptocurrency experienced quite a bit of volatility. The first week of February saw Bitcoin hit its lowest price for the year. As the month progressed the price began to climb back up. Despite a few dips, Bitcoin closed the month at $11,009, a 23.6% increase from the price at the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price February 2018
Bitcoin Price February 2018, source:

Accompanying the upward trajectory was the growth in the number of new machines.

Period Start: 2197, Period End: 2392
Opened: 237, Closed: 42, Net Growth: +195 (+8.9%)

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