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Bitcoin Depot ATM

The Value of Bitcoin ATMs by Brandon Mintz from Bitcoin Depot

In the following video from TabConf held in January 2018, Brandon Mintz, the president of Bitcoin Depot, talks about the value of bitcoin ATMs during Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption.

Bitcoin Depot is an operator that works with Genesis Coin, and at the moment of this conference, they had 104 machines installed. As he says, there was a rise in demand for a more physical feel when having cryptocurrency transactions that are more similar to cash ATMs and provides people with a trust factor.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics May 2018

This May the price of Bitcoin encountered an overall decline. After April’s period of rising ended, this month started with Bitcoin value at $9,075. After a growth in first five days, the price started to fall, accompanied by a few bumps in the middle of the month. May ended with a Bitcoin price of  $7,491 which comes to a 17,5% fall since the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price May 2018, source:

Unlike the price downward trajectory, the number of new machines continues to grow.

Period Start: 2938, Period End: 3162
Opened: 304, Closed: 80, Net Growth: +224(+7.6%)

Unlike the prices that fluctuate since the year started, the number of new machines continues to follow a steady increase. This trend continues in May.

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