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Bitcoin Depot ATM

Starting a Bitcoin (ATM) business by Zach and Josh Harvey, Co-Founders of Lamassu

In the following video from the Bitcoin meetup held on 1 May 2017 in Zurich, Zach & Josh Harvey, Co-Founders of Lamassu talk about their company, why they started a Bitcoin business and what it’s like.

Lamassu Inc. is one of the first bitcoin ATM producers and oldest Bitcoin companies still operating today. Their Bitcoin machines are among the most popular (top 3 manufacturer list), with almost 400 machines deployed all over the world.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics June 2018

In June the price of Bitcoin followed the trend form May and continued to move in the downward trajectory. At the beginning of the month, the price was $7,535. It continued to fall, even reaching the lowest value in this year at $5,909 on 29th June ended at  $6,381, which is a 15,3% fall since the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price June 2018, source:

Unlike the price downward trajectory, the number of new machines continued to grow.

Period Start: 3177, Period End: 3399
Opened: 282, Closed: 60, Net Growth: +222(+7.0%)

Unlike the prices that fluctuate since beginning of year, the number of new machines continues to follow a steady increase. This trend continues in June.

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Dollar Cost Averaging Investment in Bitcoin

Since launch of Bitcoin in 2009 cryptocurrencies gain more and more traction every year. Many people hear and research cryptocurrencies when next boom happens and price grows rapidly. Significant number of people already hold cryptocurrencies, even more plan to hold in the future.

Disclaimer: This article is not a financial advice to invest in cryptocurrencies. Reader needs to conduct own research before purchasing any amount of cryptocurrencies and understand the risks associated with it.

Dutch Bank ING conducted a survey in March-Arpil 2018 (~15K respondents) and provided interesting statistics (click to enlarge):

ING research cryptocurrency traction
ING International Survey Mobile Banking — Cryptocurrency / June 2018

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