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Bitcoin Depot ATM

Interview with RockItCoin CEO Michael Dalesandro about operating bitcoin ATM’s

In this interview held in September 2017, Kenn Bosak speaks with CEO of RockitCoin Michael Dalesandro about Bitcoin ATM’s.

Michael started in the trading business in the pitch Chicago Board Options Exchange back in 1990, after which he created a first social network travel company built on the back of Facebook. After it built up to over 10 million members he sold it to Expedia. After that, he needed to figure out what’s next, and after researching the blockchain and got interested, he decided on Bitcoin ATM’s, as it was the closest to the money that he could go as he was learning the business. Now he owns the third largest Bitcoin ATM company in the USA.

Q&A Session

  • What is one of the biggest hurdles of being a Bitcoin teller machine?

The way I define it is that there are three main hoops: compliance, operations, and customer service. That is because bitcoin machines are 24 hours.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics September 2018

At the beginning of September, the price of Bitcoin was $7,101 and rose slowly for the next 3 days. After that, the price fell significantly and hit $6,433 on the 6th. For the rest of the month, the price never crossed the $7,000 mark. September ended with the price of $6,593, which is a 7% decrease in comparison to the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price September 2018, source:

Unlike the price fluctuating trajectory, the number of new machines continues to grow at an approximately same rate as in August.

Period Start: 3635, Period End: 3801
Opened: 228, Closed: 62, Net Growth: +166 (+4,6%)

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