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Bitcoin Depot ATM

Interview with Martijn Wismeijer from General Bytes about Bitcoin ATM’s

In this interview streamed live on 16 October 2018, we have a chance to hear Martijn Wismeijer from General Bytes answering questions about Bitcoin ATM’s.

Martijn states that he got into crypto somewhere in 2010, while he was designing home banking systems. When he discovered Bitcoin, he thought it was like Napster for cash and, as he says, he was hooked from day one. Eventually, he started operating Bitcoin ATM’s. Before he joined General Bytes, he did the marketing for them, but as he says, that was easy since you have a great product to sell. He also points that, although he considers himself as a Bitcoin maximalist, their ATM’s embrace all crypto, and it would be bad if they were to decide for their customers on what crypto to use. The company grew over 5 years and now they are 29 people working for General Bytes.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics October 2018

The price of Bitcoin was fairly stable this October. The month started with a price of $6,591. The lowest value was on the 10th where it was at $6,249. October ended with a Bitcoin price at $6,310 which is a 5,1% decrease when we compare it to the price from the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price October 2018, source:

Unlike the price fluctuating trajectory, the number of new machines continues to grow at an approximately same rate as in September.

Period Start: 3781, Period End: 3931
Opened: 206, Closed: 56, Net Growth: +150(3.9%)

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