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Bitcoin Depot ATM

Matt from The Technicals Youtube channel about getting Crypto ATM in your store

In this video, you will hear first-hand experience form Matt who owns a chain of stores and decided to include Bitcoin ATM’s. He will try to get into a little more depth on the two different types of structures that most Bitcoin ATM companies have, and also which model he thinks is the best to chose going forward.

Before he decided on the operator, he reached out to three or four companies. Although the contract he signed is confidential, he will let us know a little bit about the different sorts of structure and how different companies operate the Bitcoin ATM machines. There are some basic structures that they all follow when offering their services to store owners.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics December 2018

December opened with a price of $4,117 and continued to decrease until it reached the price of $3,225 in the middle of the month, which is the lowest price of Bitcoin in the entire 2018.  After, the price continued to rise and hit the highest mark in the past month at $4,179. December ended at $3,792 which is a 7,9% decrease in comparison to the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price December 2018, source:

Unlike the price downward trajectory, the number of new machines continues to grow at a slightly slower rate than in previous months.

Period Start: 4040, Period End: 4111
Opened: 173, Closed: 102, Net Growth: +71(1.8%)

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