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Bitcoin Depot ATM

“Bitcoin ATM’s: The Good and Bad” interview of Cory Capaldi from The Coin Bros

In this interview, you will hear Cory Capaldi, the owner of The Coin Bros talking about his journey into crypto, his push into the crypto ATM space and what some of the hurdles and opportunities are in this emerging corner of the cryptocurrency market.

In the first part of the interview, Cory talks about his journey from being a paramedic with a lot of time on his hands, and interest in finance, to practically becoming a Bitcoin ATM Godfather. He draws a parallel between the situation in 2016 when there were 900 ATMs and now when there are almost 5000, and emphasizes as an integral part of the exponential growth of this cryptocurrency segment, calling it “Google Maps for Bitcoin ATMs”.

He also mentions that nowadays Bitcoin ATM’s are located in all kinds of shops, liquor stores, gas stations, and most people are open to the idea of having an Bitcoin ATM in their store. As opposed to the beginning when people were skeptic and it was a real nightmare offering Crypto ATMs to store owners.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics May 2019

The Bitcoin price continued to rise in May. It started with $5,310 and rose constantly pretty much the whole month, apart from a couple of downfalls in the second part of May. The month ended with a price tag of $8,343 which is a big 57% rise compared to the price at the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, following the rise of the Bitcoin price.

Period Start: 4690, Period End: 4898
Opened: 306, Closed: 98, Net Growth: +208(4.4%)

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