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Bitcoin Depot ATM

Charlie Shrem and Lennart Lopin on Bitcoin ATM’s

In the following interviews, Charlie Shrem is talking with Lennart Lopin, a representative of Byte Federal, about Bitcoin ATMs.

At the beginning the guys are talking about the early Bitcoin, mentioning how in the past there was no real way to buy Bitcoin. Interestingly they say that we can look at it as a bridge connecting one piece of land with another, old piece of land. Where the old piece of land is the traditional banking system, and the new land is Bitcoin. That way we were having to rent other bridges and pay a very high toll in order to get into cryptocurrency.

Further on, they are talking about how nowadays it’s normal to go anywhere in the USA and find Bitcoin ATMs, and rely on them. As opposed to the beginnings in 2014, when the market wasn’t ready yet.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics July 2019

In July the price of Bitcoin experienced fluctuation. Starting price was $10,691 and continued to rise in the first third of the month, getting up to $12,669. After, it started to fall and continued until the end of the month. July ended with the price of $9,874 which is a 7.6% fall when compared to the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, following the rise of the Bitcoin price.

Period Start: 5048, Period End: 5335
Opened: 360, Closed: 73, Net Growth: +287(5.7%)

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