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Bitcoin Depot ATM

Interview with Daniel Polotsky, CEO of Coinflip Bitcoin ATM’s

In this interview you will hear Daniel Polotsky, the CEO of Coinflip Bitcoin ATM’s, talking about his introduction to the crypto and Bitcoin space, as well as regulations and finance.

At first, he tells an interesting story about how he got the idea to get into the crypto ATMs. Considering that in the beginning, crypto ATMs were not at all user-friendly, he had to turn to a website called LocalBitcoins and organize meetings with people so they could trade Bitcoin in person, for cash. On one of those meetings, he started talking with the person he met and after realizing that, as they put it: “if you meet too many people in a Starbucks you’re probably eventually gonna get killed“, they decided that there is no better way to trade in crypto than ATMs, and so they went for it.

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Perfect case for bitcoin ATM’s – accompany cannabis vending machines

During the recent years there was natural growth in two industries — bitcoin ATM installations reached almost 6000 as of end 2019 and cannabis industry legalization was happening steadily over time in various US states. In this article we check how the two industries fit together and factors that can be beneficial for both sides from synergy.

Bitcoin ATM for Cannabis Industry
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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics September 2019

September started with the price tag of $9,622 and experienced a rise in first 2 days, after which the steady decline started that culminated nearing the end of the month. September ended with the price set at $8,068 which is a 16.2% decrease when compared to the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, unlike the price of Bitcoin.

Period Start: 5490, Period End: 5705
Opened: 334, Closed: 119, Net Growth: +215 (3.9%)

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