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Bitcoin Depot ATM

How Instacoin built a network of close to 100 Bitcoin ATMs in Canada

In this episode of the “Nick and Jimmy” show, you will hear Maria and Michael from Instacoin talking about how they got into the Crypto ATM business and how they got to operating more than 100 Bitcoin ATMs all over Canada.

The first Michael was asked was if the cryptocurrency will take over the fiat currency. In his opinion that is the actual goal of cryptocurrency, adding that it is currently gaining more and more popularity even though it is fairly young (only 10 years). He thinks that crypto presents a great alternative to a fiat currency because it’s much faster to buy stuff online or if you want to do remittances it’s a lot cheaper. The most important thing is that it is not centralized, which means that there is no middleman who’s taking astronomic fees.

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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics March 2020

In the midst of the Pandemic, the price of BItcoin took a downturn. March started with a Bitcoin price at $8,534 and rose for a few days after it started to drop significantly. The month ended at a price of $6,405 which is a 24.9% decrease when compared to the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, unlike the price of Bitcoin.

Period Start: 7010, Period End: 7386
Opened: 484, Closed: 108, Net Growth: + 376(5.4%)

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