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BATMThree bitcoin ATM from General Bytes

General Bytes has introduced a new bitcoin ATM BATMThree recently. This is a long expected two-way machine from this manufacturer, which will support buy and sell operations at the same time.

BATMThree bitcoin ATM

The software was developed before and provided to the operators of Robocoin kiosk as a replacement kit, so it was a matter of creating the hardware for the own product. The new machine has a very slick design with neon lightning, which will definitely attract attention of walking by people.

The bitcoin machine has a nice big touch screen, which looks much better than the screen of the previous models.

As well as the previous models, this one is remotely controllable, means you don’t need to physically attend it to change settings, which becomes very convenient when several machines are operated at the same time.

The machine supports several languages as well as several crypto currencies in addition to bitcoin.

The following video demostrates this machine in action:

Pricing is $6999 for the basic model  with Banknote Recycler (600+2×60 banknotes). However there is more expensive model BATMThreeXL for $8499, which has a Banknote Dispenser (2×500 banknotes) additionally to recycler. The price of both machines doesn’t include shipping.

10 thoughts on “BATMThree bitcoin ATM from General Bytes

  1. Hi
    My company sales and resembles mining rids as well, trading in bitcoin and we are registered compnay in UK as well in France. I am interested to installe a ATM machine in my premise in Paris, Please can you advice me which machine will meet my requirement s as I am based in Europe.

    Looking forward
    Kind regards

  2. do you sell the batmthree bitcoin in USA, if so how soon you ship it and how much does it cost,
    what about processing who process the transaction and into what bank the funds go to?

  3. Im interested in purchasing a bit coin ATM im currently staying in the state of Virginia what is the best machine

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