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Bitcoin ATM installations peaked

With bitcoin price rise the speed of bitcoin ATM installations also accelerated as there is a spike in number of bitcoin ATMs appeared in the last two weeks. Bitcoin ATM operators probably had to pre-order machines quite a while ago, so it is more a thorough calculation based on expected transaction volumes and potential growth. But as bitcoin machines are installed in many places and by independent operators – this fact shows that running a bitcoin ATM is a profitable business.

Bitcoin ATM installations per day

Our Bitcoin ATM speed gauge shows the speed of installations is 2.86 bitcoin ATMs per day, which translates into 20 new bitcoin machines installed over last 7 days. So let us check who is standing behind these new installations.

Bitcoin Suisse AG Logo

Largest bitcoin ATM operator in Switzerland installed a new machine in Stein am Rhein at GOLDHUUS. It has standard conditions as other machines from this operator – charging 5% from Bitstamp with CHF 2000 daily limit. Bitcoin machine allows both buy and sell bitcoins as it is a BitXatm model.

Bitcoin ATM Switzerland

Next operator is coming from Hong Kong.

HK Bitcoin ATM Logo


This is a second Lamassu bitcoin ATM installed by HK Bitcoin ATM. Now machine is located at Shing Lee Shopping Arcade and buy bitcoin operations are supported.


BitBork logo

Canadian company BitBork installed a new BitAccess bitcoin ATM in Brampton at Loan 4 Payday. This is a two-way bitcoin ATM, so one can both buy and sell bitcoins here. Operator reported the fees to be at 3-6%, however, according to user feedback received the machine might charge a higher commission of about 11%.

GetSumbits logo

GetSumbits operator installed a new General Bytes BATM3 bitcoin ATM in St. Louis at Galleria 6 Cinemas. It supports both buy and sell bitcoins with 7% buy fee and 3% sell fee. There is a $5000 / day limit, and several tiers of verifications avaialble starting from fully anonymous transaction for small amount of bitcoins, switching to phone verifications for increased limit of $500 / day and ID scan for the maximum limit of $5000 per day.

Mt Management LLC

A Michigan state based company, which was already operating 5 bitcoin ATMs in Detroit area launched another bitcoin machine in Highland Park. It is a one-way Satoshi1 bitcoin machine, which allows only purchasing bitcoins. The fee charged by the operator is quire low announced at 3.5% from Coinbase feed with a huge $9999 limit per day per customer.

Another bitcoin ATM is installed by an operator from Austria.

Coinfinity Logo

The company was running two bitcoin ATMs in Austria: one in Vienna and another one in Graz. They installed installed a new bitcoin machine in Vienna at Tian Bistro am Spittelberg restaurant. This is a lamassu unit which allows only to buy bitcoins. As a unregistered customer one can purchase 50 EUR without any registration, while registered customers don’t have any limit on purchasing amount. Bitcoin machine charges 4%.

CoinBTM Logo

A New York based operator who already run more than 20 machines in the area installed several more Satoshi1 bitcoin ATMs in New York area. One machine installed in Elizabeth at Gail’s Wine & Spirits, another machine was installed in laundromat at 250 Broad Street, one more in Far Rockaway and one more in Rochdale Laundromat at 168-19 Baisley Blvd.

Company runs now 23 bitcoin ATMs in total all located in New York city area.

CoinBTM bitcoin machines


Digital Mint Logo

Digital Mint is a newly established company which installed two bitcoin ATMs in Phoenix recently. One of them is a Satohi1 bitcoin machine at from Genesis Coin bitcoin ATM producer at Check Changers on 32nd St another one is similar machine and also installed at Check Changers but on 43rd Ave. Both machines have 11% fee for purchase of bitcoins.

Digital Mint bitcoin ATMs

Athena Bitcoin ATM

Athena bitcoin ATM is a young brand with already several bitcoin ATMs installed, however, owners of the brand has a broad experience of operating bitcoin ATMs in the past. The company installed a new bitcoin machine in Dallas area at Zoom Food Mart. They charge 9% fee for buying bitcoin.

Landmark Bitcoin

Now switching to Europe, namely United Kingdom. A company called Landmark Bitcoin installed a new General Bytes BATM2 machine, which allows to buy bitcoins. Bitcoin ATM is located at Gidi Sharwama in London. Fees are unknown, however the limit is at 1000 pounds per day for unregistered customers.

BitLove Logo

A bitcoin ATM operator with a nice name BitLove has installed a new bitcoin ATM at Boost Mobile in Los Angeles. This is a two-way bitcoin ATM by General Bytes which allows buying and selling bitcoins. Currently the fees are set at 10% for buy and 0% for sell bitcoins.

Coiner Logo

Finnish company Coiner, which is specializing in running Localbitcoin ATMs installed a new unit in Helsinki making a total of 5 machines in operation. In order to use machine user has to be registered at localbitcoins. The fees are 3.5% for buy and 5.5-7% for sell. Total purchase or sale bitcoins amount is 1500 EUR per day.

CoinSource logo

CoinSource operator who was running 5 bitcoin ATMs accross the states installed two new bitcoin ATMs this past week. One machine was installed in New York at Grace News and another one in Dallas at gas station. Machines charge 7% and 8% fee respectively with a $3000 daily limit at both locations.

BitStop logo

BitStop run before one lamassu machine in Miami. This week company installed its second Lamassu bitcoin machine at World Foreign Exchange in Miami. The pricing is based on the company’s feed +9% above. Maximum limit is $600 with ID verification in place.

Rockit Coin logo

Latest bitcoin ATM added to our map is Satoshi1 bitcoin machine from a new operator Rockit Coin. Machine is located in Chicago at Gold Crown Liquors. Fees are not available for this location, but maximum limit is $2500.

Bitcoin ATM business becomes a more competitive journey as new players enter the market. INteresting is the diversity of bitcoin machines and its geo spread. However during last time there is a dominance of Satoshi1 bitcoin machines installed from Genesis Coin and majority of bitcoin ATMs land in the U.S., which has 199 bitcoin machines installed as of now.

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