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Bitcoin ATM map for Android

Good news! Finally we launched our Android version of the app for tracking locations of bitcoin ATMs. Before we had only version for iPhone and other iOS devices.

Android bitcoin ATM app

Android version is quite similar to another already existing app. It provides several screens and options:

  • first of all a bitcoin ATM map screen gives an overview of bitcoin ATM installations around the world. Different bitcoin machine types have different marker colors, so it is easy to see which machine is where.

Bitcoin ATM map app

  • by clicking on every bitcoin ATM – you get a short description of this location, and also several options: share it with your friends / followers via many channels, get directions to this location (by using standard google service) or look for more details about this particular bitcoin machine:

Bitcoin ATM app

  • Full details have almost all information that is provided on the online web site pages, including fees and limits size, address, supported coins and transaction types etc.

Bitcoin ATM details

  • Finally in the main bottom menu you can check “Near me” page with geo location activated. This page will provide a list of bitcoin machines, that are sorted staring with nearest ones:

Closest bitcoin ATMs list

We hope this app will be useful for Android users. The app runs well on phones as well as on tables (7″, 10″ devices).

Feel free to send your feedback at [email protected].

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