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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics April 2020

In April the price of Bitcoin started to come back. The month started with a price of $6,428 which rose immediately nearing the middle of the month when it fluctuated a bit before hitting another spike. April ended with a price of $8,629 which is a 34% rise in comparison to the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, as the price of Bitcoin.

Period Start: 7384, Period End: 7750
Opened: 435, Closed: 69, Net Growth: + 366 (5%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin24572612+155 (6.3%)
BitAccess632723+91 (14.4%)
General Bytes23082380+72 (3.1%)
Bitstop105123+18 (17.1%)
Coinsource407418+11 (2.7%)
LightningXchange151160+9 (6%)
Lamassu485490+5 (1%)
Covault210215+5 (2.4%)
Trovemat2630+4 (15.4%)
zzBit5860+2 (3.4%)
Orderbob ATM2122+1 (4.8%)
Cryptomatic89+1 (12.5%)
CryptoGo34+1 (33.3%)
BitXatm8784-3 (-3.4%)
ChainBytes2822-6 (-21.4%)

After some time we see a change at the top of the Manufacturers list. In April Genesis Coin was at the top with 155 new machines (6.3% increase), followed by BitAccess with 91 new installations (14.4% increase) and General Bytes with 72 new machines (3.1% increase).

ChainBytes has a chunk of its machines removed in April – 6 (-21.4% decrease).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

CoinCloud598687+89 (14.9%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs541595+54 (10%)
Bitcoin Depot604643+39 (6.5%)
National Bitcoin ATM189216+27 (14.3%)
Bitcoin of America217243+26 (12%)
RockItCoin315340+25 (7.9%)
Bitstop191210+19 (9.9%)
Athena Bitcoin106119+13 (12.3%)
Coinsource296307+11 (3.7%)
Bitcoin Solutions4455+11 (25%)
Digital Mint179188+9 (5%)
GetCoins113121+8 (7.1%)
Bitbox ATM4957+8 (16.3%)
Pay DEPOT LLC209214+5 (2.4%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com8994+5 (5.6%)
Quad Coin3438+4 (11.8%)

When it comes to the Operators in April, CoinCloud was the first with 89 new installations (14.9% increase), followed by CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs with 54 new machines (10% increase), the same situation as in the previous month. Bitcoin Depot was third with 39 new installations (6.5% increase).

The US based Operator CMJ installed their first 6 machines in April.

Change by Countries

United States52005551+351 (6.8%)
Canada713725+12 (1.7%)
Austria135137+2 (1.5%)
Australia1517+2 (13.3%)
Vietnam46+2 (50%)
Slovakia4243+1 (2.4%)
Hungary3940+1 (2.6%)
Slovenia1112+1 (9.1%)
Germany6968-1 (-1.4%)
Mexico98-1 (-11.1%)
Malta43-1 (-25%)
United Kingdom277274-3 (-1.1%)

The United States dominate the Countries list with 351 new machines (6.8% increase) followed by Canada with 12 new installations (1.7% increase) and Austria with 2 new machines (1.5% increase).

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin73817744+363 (4.92%)
Altcoins51725452+280 (5.41%)
Ether45794854+275 (6.01%)
Litecoin50165290+274 (5.46%)
Bitcoincash25182676+158 (6.27%)
Dash15341616+82 (5.35%)
Monero190192+2 (1.05%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin stayed the same at 70%. Ether was the second most added coin in April with 275 additions (6.01 % increase) followed by Litecoin with 274 addition (5.46 % increase) and Bitcoin Cash with 158 additions (5.46 % increase).


The price of Bitcoin started to come back with a significant increase in April. Genesis Coin and BitAcces were the manufacturers with the most machines installed. The United States continues to dominate the Bitcoin ATM adoption. Ether continues to be the most adopted coin besides Bitcoin.

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