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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics February 2020

February started with a Bitcoin price of $8,915 which experienced a rise approaching the middle of the month where it hit the highest monthly value at $10,166. After, it started to decrease, until the end of the month when it hit the value of $9,417 which is a 5.6% increase when compared to the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, as the price of Bitcoin.

Period Start: 6665, Period End: 7004
Opened: 470, Closed: 131, Net Growth: + 339 (5%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin22572360+103 (4.6%)
BitAccess434529+95 (21.9%)
General Bytes21382194+56 (2.6%)
Lamassu458482+24 (5.2%)
Bitstop7091+21 (30%)
LightningXchange127137+10 (7.9%)
Covault206214+8 (3.9%)
Shitcoins Club102110+8 (7.8%)
zzBit5054+4 (8%)
Coinsource383386+3 (0.8%)
RusBit2527+2 (8%)
BitXatm8687+1 (1.2%)
Bytefederal5556+1 (1.8%)
BBFPro1516+1 (6.7%)
BitTeller1011+1 (10%)
Astra Pay67+1 (16.7%)
CoinLogiq67+1 (16.7%)
Cryptocurrency ATM34+1 (33.3%)
ChainBytes3028-2 (-6.7%)

Genesis Coin continues to be the highest volume manufacturer with 103 new machines (4.6% increase) in February. After a long time, BitAccess was second with 95 new installations (21.9% increase), followed by General Bytes with 56 new machines (2.6% increase).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

CoinCloud399494+95 (23.8%)
Bitcoin Depot536574+38 (7.1%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs447483+36 (8.1%)
Kurant5078+28 (56%)
RockItCoin272293+21 (7.7%)
Bitstop158177+19 (12%)
Bitcoin of America196211+15 (7.7%)
HILT3650+14 (38.9%)
Digital Mint155165+10 (6.5%)
Localcoin186195+9 (4.8%)
Pay DEPOT LLC206214+8 (3.9%)
Shitcoins Club102110+8 (7.8%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com7077+7 (10%)
Cryptobase2431+7 (29.2%)
The Sun Financial Technology Co.Ltd2632+6 (23.1%)
GetCoins102107+5 (4.9%)
BudgetCoinz, LLC2328+5 (21.7%)
Bitcoin France055
National Bitcoin ATM179183+4 (2.2%)

CoinCloud topped the Operators list in February with 95 new installations (23.8% increase), this also explains Bitaccess high growth over month, followed by Bitcoin Depot who installed 38 new machines (7.1% increase) and CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs with 36 new installations (8.1% increase).

We are glad to note that French Operator Bitcoin France installed its first 5 machines in February. France was long an “empty” territory, but lately entrepreneurs starting to operate crypto ATM business there, which is a good news. Germany was also a long time not covered country by ATMs due to BaFin regulation. Over the last year there were a number of operators starting business after court decision in Berlin back in fall 2018. However, recently BaFin returns with restrictions and requested a closure of a number of ATM locations.

Change by Countries

United States45184824+306 (6.8%)
Canada684702+18 (2.6%)
Germany5865+7 (12.1%)
France49+5 (125%)
Italy4751+4 (8.5%)
Poland5558+3 (5.5%)
Russian Federation4648+2 (4.3%)
Romania3840+2 (5.3%)
Colombia3537+2 (5.7%)
Taiwan810+2 (25%)
United Kingdom281282+1 (0.4%)
Spain7172+1 (1.4%)
Slovakia4142+1 (2.4%)
Ireland1516+1 (6.7%)
Dominican Republic1314+1 (7.7%)
Ukraine910+1 (11.1%)
Portugal89+1 (12.5%)
Bulgaria67+1 (16.7%)
VietNam34+1 (33.3%)
El Salvador011
Thailand82-6 (-75%)
Austria161144-17 (-10.6%)

As we are used to, the United States installed the most machines – 306 installed (6.8% increase), followed by Canada with 18 new installations (2.6% increase). Germany was third with the most installations in Europe – 7 new machines (12.1% increase).

We are happy to say that there are two countries that installed their first machines:

  • Nigeria – A buy/sell machine located in Lagos.
  • El Salvador – A buy/sell machine located in El Zonte.

Sadly, Austria removed a significant number of machines in February – 17 machines removed (10.6% decrease). This might be connected to AMLD5 entering into power since beginning of 2020 and operators need to follow new KYC rules, which means require users to identify themselves and go through more strict KYC procedures, which obviously resulted in reduction of revenue for operators, as privacy is one of the advantages of using bitcoin ATMs compared to other methods of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin67017000+ 299 (4.46%)
Altcoins46644899+ 235 (5.04%)
Ether40204251+ 231 (5.75%)
Litecoin45364756+ 220 (4.85%)
Bitcoin Cash22262353+ 127 (5.71%)
Dash14161470+ 54 (3.81%)
Dogecoin6064+ 4 (6.67%)
Monero185189+ 4 (2.16%)
Zcash8082+ 2 (2.50%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin increased a bit and is now at 69.9%. Ether was the second most added coin in February with 231 additions (5.75% increase). Litecoin followed by with 220 additions (4.85% increase), while Bitcoin Cash came third with 127 additions (5.71% increase).


The price of Bitcoin experienced a small increase in February. Genesis Coin and BitAcces were the most installed types of machines, while the United States continues to be the dominant country when it comes to Bitcoin ATM adoption. Apart from Bitcoin, that continues to be the most adopted coin, Ether was the most added coin in the past month.

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