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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics July 2020

The Bitcoin price in July was pretty steady for the bigger part of the month, until it reached noticeable rise near the end. July started at a $9,134 price tag and moved around the 9K until the 28th when it jumped over the 11K mark. The month ended at a $11,115 which is a 21.7% rise in comparison to the price at the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate.

Period Start: 8490, Period End: 8919
Opened: 544, Closed: 115, Net Growth: + 429(5%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin29443101+157 (5.3%)
General Bytes25582661+103 (4%)
Coinsource478534+56 (11.7%)
BitAccess846879+33 (3.9%)
LightningXchange185203+18 (9.7%)
Lamassu489504+15 (3.1%)
Shitcoins Club106119+13 (12.3%)
Bitstop155166+11 (7.1%)
Bytefederal8492+8 (9.5%)
ChainBytes1823+5 (27.8%)
Trovemat3135+4 (12.9%)
Intellogate15+4 (400%)
zzBit5961+2 (3.4%)
Orderbob ATM2325+2 (8.7%)
RusBit2930+1 (3.4%)
BBFPro1415+1 (7.1%)
Vault Logic89+1 (12.5%)
White Edge78+1 (14.3%)
Ankerpay23+1 (50%)
Cryptomatic1514-1 (-6.7%)
Bitnovo1211-1 (-8.3%)
Bitcoin D.A.V.E.1510-5 (-33.3%)

As we are used to Genesis Coin was the most active manufacturer in July with 157 new machines (5.3% increase), followed by General Bytes with 103 new installations (4% increase). Coinsource in the role of manufacturer was on the third spot with 56 new machines (11.7% increase).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

Bitcoin Depot745791+46 (6.2%)
RockItCoin390436+46 (11.8%)
ATM Coiners94128+34 (36.2%)
CoinCloud810840+30 (3.7%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs726755+29 (4%)
Coinsource372391+19 (5.1%)
Quad Coin5470+16 (29.6%)
Digital Mint211224+13 (6.2%)
Shitcoins Club106119+13 (12.3%)
Unbank8295+13 (15.9%)
National Bitcoin ATM272284+12 (4.4%)
Bitstop241252+11 (4.6%)
Athena Bitcoin140151+11 (7.9%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com116125+9 (7.8%)
Cryptobase3544+9 (25.7%)
Bitbox ATM7078+8 (11.4%)
ByteFederal LLC101108+7 (6.9%)
TheCoinBros2532+7 (28%)
Bitcoin of America274280+6 (2.2%)
HoneyBadger8894+6 (6.8%)
Värdex Suisse SA3944+5 (12.8%)
Cryptomat1722+5 (29.4%)
CoinMover2529+4 (16%)
NOVA BTM1115+4 (36.4%)
Alcedo-Point GmbH15+4 (400%)
GloCurEx OÜ15+4 (400%)
Satoshi Kiosks LLC044

Bitcoin Depot was again on the top of the most active Operators list in July with 46 new installations (6.2% increase). RockItCoin was second with the same number of new machines which is a bigger increase for them (11.8%). ATM Coiners followed by with 34 new installations (36.2% increase).

We must mention that there were 2 Operators that added their first machines in July. Satoshi Kiosks LLC and EmpireBit both added 4 new machines.

Change by Countries

United States63116674+363 (5.8%)
Canada736750+14 (1.9%)
Belgium1221+9 (75%)
United Kingdom250258+8 (3.2%)
Puerto Rico28+6 (300%)
Switzerland7883+5 (6.4%)
Greece5055+5 (10%)
Slovakia4449+5 (11.4%)
Georgia1722+5 (29.4%)
Germany6468+4 (6.3%)
Russian Federation4850+2 (4.2%)
France79+2 (28.6%)
Bulgaria79+2 (28.6%)
Thailand46+2 (50%)
Czech Republic6566+1 (1.5%)
Romania4344+1 (2.3%)
Colombia3738+1 (2.7%)
Ireland2021+1 (5%)
Ukraine1516+1 (6.7%)
Slovenia1314+1 (7.7%)
Estonia67+1 (16.7%)
South Africa56+1 (20%)
Spain7170-1 (-1.4%)
Australia1716-1 (-5.9%)
New Zealand10-1 (-100%)
Austria153150-3 (-2%)
Hong Kong5956-3 (-5.1%)
Netherlands5148-3 (-5.9%)

On the Countries list, North America is the most active as usual. The United States are the first with 363 new installations (5.8% increase) followed by Canada with 14 new machines (1.9% increase). Belgium came third with 9 new installations (75% increase).

We are sad to say that the only ATM located in New Zealand was removed in July.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin84968913+417 (4.91%)
Altcoins59406196+256 (4.31%)
Ether50735324+251 (4.95%)
Litecoin57666007+241 (4.18%)
Bitcoin Cash28753004+129 (4.49%)
Tether150231+81 (54%)
Dash17471816+69 (3.95%)
Ripple7190+19 (26.76%)
Monero193205+12 (6.22%)
Dogecoin6567+2 (3.08%)
Lightning BTC35+2 (66.67%)
Zcash8785-2 (2.30%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin dropped a bit and is now at 69.5%. Ether was the second most added coin in July with 251 additions (4.95% increase) followed by Litecoin with 241 additions (4.18 % increase) and Bitcoin Cash with 129 additions (4.49 % increase).


The price of Bitcoin in July experienced a fairly noticeable increase. Genesis Coin and General Bytes continue to be the most active manufacturers. The United States was again the country with the most machines added. Ether was the most adopted coin besides Bitcoin this month.

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