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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics June 2020

The Bitcoin price in June mostly ranged between 9K and 10K mark. At the beginning of the month, the price was $9,451 and after a short spike, it started to fall. June ended with a Bitcoin price set at $9,185 which is a 2.8% decrease when compared to the price at the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate.

Period Start: 7978, Period End: 8502
Opened: 639, Closed: 115, Net Growth: + 524 (6.6%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin27502941+191 (6.9%)
General Bytes24322581+149 (6.1%)
BitAccess781848+67 (8.6%)
Coinsource437479+42 (9.6%)
LightningXchange163185+22 (13.5%)
Bitstop137152+15 (10.9%)
Shitcoins Club8598+13 (15.3%)
Bytefederal7586+11 (14.7%)
Lamassu484489+5 (1%)
Covault214218+4 (1.9%)
Cryptomatic1215+3 (25%)
Trovemat3031+1 (3.3%)
Orderbob ATM2324+1 (4.3%)
ChainBytes1819+1 (5.6%)
BitTeller89+1 (12.5%)
White Edge011
zzBit6059-1 (-1.7%)
Bitcoin D.A.V.E.1413-1 (-7.1%)
Vault Logic98-1 (-11.1%)

The top of the Manufacturers list is copied from May, only the numbers are different. Genesis Coin was first with 191 new machines (6.9% increase), followed by General Bytes with 149 new installations (6.1% increase) and BitAccess with 67 new machines (8.6% increase).

We have to mention that UK based Manufacturer White Edge was added on the website and had their first ATM installed by operator in Athens, Greece.

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

Bitcoin Depot657745+88 (13.4%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs650735+85 (13.1%)
CoinCloud746813+67 (9%)
Coinsource339372+33 (9.7%)
RockItCoin365389+24 (6.6%)
National Bitcoin ATM247271+24 (9.7%)
Kurant112135+23 (20.5%)
Digital Mint191211+20 (10.5%)
Bitcoin of America256274+18 (7%)
Bitstop224238+14 (6.3%)
Shitcoins Club8598+13 (15.3%)
ByteFederal LLC92103+11 (12%)
Bitbox ATM6070+10 (16.7%)
GetCoins131140+9 (6.9%)
Athena Bitcoin128137+9 (7%)
ATM Coiners8695+9 (10.5%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com108116+8 (7.4%)
Localcoin192199+7 (3.6%)
Quad Coin4653+7 (15.2%)
Pay DEPOT LLC213217+4 (1.9%)
Hodl Digital Services3135+4 (12.9%)
TheCoinBros2125+4 (19%)
Freedom Gateway48+4 (100%)

Bitcoin Depot was on the top of the Operators list in June with 88 new machines (13.4% increase). CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs was on second place with 85 new installations (13.1% increase) followed by CoinCloud with 67 new machines (9% increase).

Change by Countries

United States58596314+455 (7.8%)
Greece2650+24 (92.3%)
Canada724741+17 (2.3%)
Germany5056+6 (12%)
Netherlands4752+5 (10.6%)
Ukraine1216+4 (33.3%)
Switzerland7577+2 (2.7%)
Czech Republic6466+2 (3.1%)
Poland5860+2 (3.4%)
Italy5052+2 (4%)
Panama1416+2 (14.3%)
Belgium1113+2 (18.2%)
Estonia57+2 (40%)
Puerto Rico022
Austria152153+1 (0.7%)
Romania4344+1 (2.3%)
Hungary3940+1 (2.6%)
Ireland1819+1 (5.6%)
Argentina1112+1 (9.1%)
Portugal89+1 (12.5%)
Singapore78+1 (14.3%)
Malta21-1 (-50%)
France97-2 (-22.2%)
United Kingdom260253-7 (-2.7%)

The undisputed champion of the Countries list, the United States had 455 new installations (7.8% increase). An EU representative Greece came second with 24 new machines (92.3% increase). Canada was on the third spot with 17 new installations (2.3% increase).

We are happy to mention that Puerto Rico installed the first machines on its soil. They are all located in San Juan.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin78988496+598 (7.57%)
Altcoins55235940+417 (7.55%)
Litecoin53535766+413 (7.72%)
Bitcoin Cash27122875+163 (6.01%)
Dash15991747+148 (9.26%)
Ether49525073+121 (2.44%)
Zcash8887-1 (-1.14%)
Dogecoin6665-1 (-1.52%)
Monero195193-2 (-1.03%)
Lightning BTC3

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin stayed the same at 69.9%. Litecoin was the second most added coin in June with 413 additions (7.72% increase) followed by Bitcoin Cash with 163 additions (6.01 % increase) and Dash with 148 additions (9.26 % increase).

Since we added new coins recently (LBTC, XRP, USDT), the current state of these coins is displayed in the table while the comparison will be available from next month.


The price of Bitcoin in June experienced a fairly steady flow. Genesis Coin and General Bytes were the manufacturers with the most machines installed again. The United States continues to be the dominant country when it comes to Bitcoin ATM addition. Litecoin was the most adopted coin besides Bitcoin.

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