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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics March 2019

In March, the price of Bitcoin experienced steady growth. It started with a price of $3,842 and continued to rise approaching to the end of the month when it reached a price of $4,109. This is a 6.9% increase in comparison with the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin price March 2019

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, following the rise of the Bitcoin price.

Period Start: 4375, Period End: 4507
Opened: 255, Closed: 123, Net Growth: +132(3%)

Change by Manufacturers

General Bytes13571412+55 (4.1%)
BitAccess251277+26 (10.4%)
Covault116135+19 (16.4%)
Genesis Coin14121425+13 (0.9%)
Orderbob ATM108113+5 (4.6%)
BTCRiot15+4 (400%)
Coinsource190193+3 (1.6%)
zzBit1114+3 (27.3%)
Coinme6769+2 (3%)
Shitcoins Club4446+2 (4.5%)
BTC facil2224+2 (9.1%)
ChainBytes1315+2 (15.4%)
Trovemat1214+2 (16.7%)
Vault Logic57+2 (40%)
RusBit1819+1 (5.6%)
CoinLogiq34+1 (33.3%)
CoinOutlet32-1 (-33.3%)
BitXatm6865-3 (-4.4%)
Lamassu442436-6 (-1.4%)

General Bytes continues to top the manufacturers list in March with 55 new machines (4.1% increase). BitAccess took second place with 26 new installations (10.4% increase). Covault followed by with 19 new machines (16.4% increase).

Lamassu experienced the biggest decrease with 6 machines removed (-1.4% decrease).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

Bitcoin of America 105135+30 (28.6%)
CoinCloud216242+26 (12%)
Pay DEPOT LLC 116135+19 (16.4%)
National Bitcoin ATM 3247+15 (46.9%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs 150163+13 (8.7%)
BTC Management Gmbh 100105+5 (5%)
BTCRiot15+4 (400%)

In March there were only 7 Operators that increased their numbers by more than 4. Bitcoin of America topped the list with 30 new installations (28.6% increase), followed by CoinCloud with 26 new machines (12% increase). Pay DEPOT LLC was third with 19 new machines (16.4% increase).

Change by Countries

United States24802608+128 (5.2%)
Austria264272+8 (3%)
Russian Federation5358+5 (9.4%)
Hong Kong3236+4 (12.5%)
United Kingdom210213+3 (1.4%)
Czech Republic6467+3 (4.7%)
Italy3235+3 (9.4%)
Spain7173+2 (2.8%)
Switzerland5052+2 (4%)
Ireland24+2 (100%)
Estonia24+2 (100%)
Canada627628+1 (0.2%)
Slovakia4142+1 (2.4%)
Colombia3132+1 (3.2%)
Argentina89+1 (12.5%)
South Africa45+1 (25%)
Netherlands2625-1 (-3.8%)
Georgia1110-1 (-9.1%)
Japan64-2 (-33.3%)
Australia5118-33 (-64.7%)

As always the United States is at the top on the Countries list with 128 new machines (5.2% increase). Austria came second with 8 new installations (3% increase), followed by the Russian Federation with 5 new machines (9.4% increase).

Australia experienced a fair decrease with 33 machines removed (64.7% decrease), which is a reflection of closing Auscoin exchange due to arrest of owner.

We are glad to point out that there were two Countries that installed their first machines:

  • Bahamas – a Buy-only ATM manufactured by General Bytes located in Nassau.
  • Botswana – a Buy-only ATM manufactured by Lamassu located in Gaborone.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of other cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin Cash13491607258 (19.13%)
Bitcoin43804501121 (2.76%)
Altcoins altogether 3095315156 (1.81%)
Dash78783346 (5.84%)
Litecoin2895294045 (1.55%)
Ether2431247443 (1.77%)
Monero13214917 (12.88%)
Zcash75761 (1.33%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any of alternative coins remained at 70.6% in March. Bitcoin Cash was the most added coin with 258 machines more (19.13% increase). Dash was in second place with 46 (5.84% increase) and Litecoin came third with 45 (1.55% increase).

In March there were some interseting statistics revealed publicly by couple of crypto ATM operating companies about share of revenue per coin they have on average:

Eric Gravengaard from Athena mentioned:

Athena Bitcoin ATM revenue share by cryptocurrencies

Another operator was the one from Israel:

Bitcoin Change ATM operator share by coin

Another one from operator in Maine:

In general, all tweets indicate that although cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin BTC are enabled on roughly 70% of ATM’s worldwide, BTC still generates the largest volume (>90%) for multicoin machines. With rising mining fees in BTC its usage share on ATM’s potentially might get reduced as people can switch to coins with less friction, but as of today Bitcoin holds the motherhood status of all cryptocurrencies and largest network effect, which explains the dominant position at ATM’s.


In March the Bitcoin price experienced a small rise, General Bytes, and BitAccess installed the most machines, Bahamas and Botswana installed their first machines, Bitcoin Cash was the most added coin.

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