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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics March 2021

The price of Bitcoin Continued with the upward trend in March. The month started with a price of $45,114 and rose until it finally broke the 60k mark and got to $61,259 on 14th to set the highest price in history. March ended with $58,730 which is a price 30% higher than the one at the beginning of the month.

The speed of bitcoin ATM installations maintained a stable rise between 8-10%.

Period Start: 16157, Period End: 17591
Opened: 1649, Closed: 215, Net Growth: +1434 (8.9%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin62266835+609 (9.8%)
General Bytes44014786+385 (8.7%)
BitAccess15561699+143 (9.2%)
Bytefederal339409+70 (20.6%)
Coinsource11771245+68 (5.8%)
LightningXchange473524+51 (10.8%)
Bitstop476524+48 (10.1%)
Lamassu620645+25 (4%)
zzBit8597+12 (14.1%)
Cryptocurrency ATM6172+11 (18%)
Shitcoins Club134142+8 (6%)
ChainBytes5662+6 (10.7%)
Intellogate14+3 (300%)
Bitcoin D.A.V.E.56+1 (20%)
Trovemat3029-1 (-3.3%)
wBTCb2221-1 (-4.5%)
Cryptomatic1110-1 (-9.1%)
BTC facil98-1 (-11.1%)
BitTeller87-1 (-12.5%)
White Edge21-1 (-50%)

The order at the top of the Manufacturers list is similar to the previous month. Genesis Coin is at the top with 609 new machines (9.8% increase) followed by General Bytes with 385 new installations (8.7% increase ) and BitAccess with 143 new machines (9.2% increase).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

Bitcoin Depot18502171+321 (17.4%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs17181961+243 (14.1%)
CoinCloud14741601+127 (8.6%)
Bitcoin of America826937+111 (13.4%)
RockItCoin852937+85 (10%)
Byte Federal, Inc.339409+70 (20.6%)
Coinsource754820+66 (8.8%)
DigitalMint494545+51 (10.3%)
Bitstop561609+48 (8.6%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com160197+37 (23.1%)
Localcoin372407+35 (9.4%)
CoinUnited.io1736+19 (111.8%)
BudgetCoinz, LLC88106+18 (20.5%)
Kurant149163+14 (9.4%)
Just Digital Coin236249+13 (5.5%)
Bitbox ATM120131+11 (9.2%)
Coinhub1930+11 (57.9%)
Quad Coin234244+10 (4.3%)
Unbank196205+9 (4.6%)
Bitcoin Well115124+9 (7.8%)
Shitcoins Club134142+8 (6%)
BitNational96103+7 (7.3%)
Cryptobase7986+7 (8.9%)
CoinHere3138+7 (22.6%)
HODL Bum6066+6 (10%)
Hermes Bitcoin28+6 (300%)
Instabit ATM066
Värdex Suisse6772+5 (7.5%)
Coin Time914+5 (55.6%)
Cryptonite ATM611+5 (83.3%)
HoneyBadger139143+4 (2.9%)
Cottonwood Vending7983+4 (5.1%)
Hodl Digital Services6872+4 (5.9%)
CoinGenie2832+4 (14.3%)
Hippo BTM1216+4 (33.3%)
EmpireBit1014+4 (40%)

There is a similar situation on the Operators list. Like in February, Bitcoin Depot was the most active operator with 321 new machines (17.4% increase) followed by CoinFlip Bitcoin with 243 new installations (14.1% increase). The difference is that in March CoinCloud was the third most active with 127 new machines (8.6% increase).

We are glad to notice that US-based Operator Instabit ATM installed their first 6 machines in March.

Change by Countries

United States1338514686+1301 (9.7%)
Canada11971267+70 (5.8%)
Hong Kong8398+15 (18.1%)
Austria148155+7 (4.7%)
Switzerland101108+7 (6.9%)
Greece5157+6 (11.8%)
Spain102106+4 (3.9%)
Romania7175+4 (5.6%)
Germany4952+3 (6.1%)
Poland7173+2 (2.8%)
Ukraine2426+2 (8.3%)
Australia2325+2 (8.7%)
Netherlands1820+2 (11.1%)
Finland1113+2 (18.2%)
Brazil46+2 (50%)
Italy5253+1 (1.9%)
Georgia2627+1 (3.8%)
Dominican Republic1516+1 (6.7%)
Taiwan1314+1 (7.7%)
VietNam89+1 (12.5%)
Thailand89+1 (12.5%)
Singapore78+1 (14.3%)
Philippines23+1 (50%)
El Salvador12+1 (100%)
South Korea011
Slovakia5049-1 (-2%)
Hungary4948-1 (-2%)
Panama1514-1 (-6.7%)
Ghana21-1 (-50%)
Iran, Islamic Republic of10-1 (-100%)
United Kingdom183181-2 (-1.1%)
Ireland3432-2 (-5.9%)

The increase of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States continues to grow. There were 1301 new machines in March (9.7% increase). The number of machines in Canada grew by 70 (5.8% increase). Hong Kong was again the third most active country last month with 15 new installations (18.1% increase).

March turned out to be a significant month when it comes to global adoption, having in mind that 5 countries had the first Bitcoin ATM installed on their soil: Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Cambodia.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Dogecoin6282724+2096 (333.76%)
Bitcoin1609117581+1490 (9.26%)
Altcoins1103812493+1455 (13.18%)
Ether941310684+1271 (13.5%)
Litecoin1069611856+1160 (10.85%)
Bitcoin Cash46435015+372 (8.01%)
Dash30513408+357 (11.70%)
Tether619645+26 (4.2%)
Monero181200+19 (10.5%)
Ripple121128+7 (5.79%)
Zcash98102+4 (4.08%)
Lightning BTC13130

The percentage of Bitcoin ATMs supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin increased and is now at 71%. Due to its recent price surge, Dogecoin was by far the most added coin in March with 2096 additions (333.76% increase). Ether was second with 1271 additions (13.5% increase) followed by Litecoin with 1160 additions (10.85% increase).


In March 2021, the price of Bitcoin crossed the 60k mark to set the highest value record again. Genesis Coin and General Bytes continue to be the most active Manufacturers. The United States is still dominating the countries list. Dogecoin was the most added coin in March.

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