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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics November 2020

November started with a Bitcoin price of $13,810 and continued the rising trend from October. At the end of the month, the price went up to $18,192. So, when we compare the prices at the beginning and the end of November we can see that the price went up by 31.7%.

The speed of bitcoin ATM installations maintained a stable rise between 8% and 10%.

Period Start: 11492, Period End: 12510
Opened: 1118, Closed: 100, Net Growth: +1018 (8.9%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin41674564+397 (9.5%)
General Bytes33583617+259 (7.7%)
BitAccess11141236+122 (11%)
Coinsource749855+106 (14.2%)
Bitstop274319+45 (16.4%)
LightningXchange322355+33 (10.2%)
Bytefederal173199+26 (15%)
Lamassu543561+18 (3.3%)
Shitcoins Club106116+10 (9.4%)
ChainBytes3236+4 (12.5%)
zzBit6769+2 (3%)
RusBit3032+2 (6.7%)
Cryptocurrency ATM68+2 (33.3%)
Cryptomatic910+1 (11.1%)
Walledo ATM109-1 (-10%)
BitXatm7668-8 (-10.5%)

As usual, Genesis Coin with 397 new machines (9.5% increase) was the most active manufacturer in November, followed by General Bytes with 259 new installations (7.7% increase). Coinsource was in third place with 122 new machines (11% increase).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs11411270+129 (11.3%)
CoinCloud10511168+117 (11.1%)
Bitcoin Depot11261227+101 (9%)
Coinsource469535+66 (14.1%)
Bitcoin of America458524+66 (14.4%)
National Bitcoin ATM432495+63 (14.6%)
RockItCoin621681+60 (9.7%)
Bitstop360405+45 (12.5%)
ATM Coiners264305+41 (15.5%)
Digital Mint344376+32 (9.3%)
Quad Coin189216+27 (14.3%)
Byte Federal, Inc.182208+26 (14.3%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com182207+25 (13.7%)
Unbank117140+23 (19.7%)
BitNational3959+20 (51.3%)
Localcoin236253+17 (7.2%)
HoneyBadger111125+14 (12.6%)
GetCoins164176+12 (7.3%)
TheCoinBros3849+11 (28.9%)
Shitcoins Club106116+10 (9.4%)
HILT5060+10 (20%)
Bitbox ATM108116+8 (7.4%)
Cottonwood Vending5361+8 (15.1%)
CoinMover4149+8 (19.5%)
Kurant137144+7 (5.1%)
Cryptobase6268+6 (9.7%)
BudgetCoinz, LLC6569+4 (6.2%)

CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs was again one of the most active Operators in November. This time they were in first place with 129 new installations (11.3% increase). CoinCloud came second with 117 new machines (11.1% increase). Bitcoin Depot followed by with 101 new installations (9% increase).

Change by Countries

United States912510050+925 (10.1%)
Canada876944+68 (7.8%)
Germany3646+10 (27.8%)
Spain9094+4 (4.4%)
Italy5457+3 (5.6%)
Austria144146+2 (1.4%)
Hong Kong5860+2 (3.4%)
Romania5052+2 (4%)
Belgium3234+2 (6.3%)
Ireland2325+2 (8.7%)
Croatia57+2 (40%)
Switzerland9596+1 (1.1%)
Czech Republic6566+1 (1.5%)
Russian Federation5051+1 (2%)
Australia1718+1 (5.9%)
Panama1314+1 (7.7%)
Taiwan1112+1 (9.1%)
Bulgaria1011+1 (10%)
Thailand89+1 (12.5%)
Turkey12+1 (100%)
Greece5554-1 (-1.8%)
Norway10-1 (-100%)
France1210-2 (-16.7%)
Netherlands2623-3 (-11.5%)
United Kingdom235228-7 (-3%)

The United States almost got to 1K new machines in a month. There were 925 new installations (10.1% increase) on US soil in November, which got them across the 10k mark in total. Canada added 68 new machines (7.8% increase) with Germany following by adding 10 new machines (27.8% increase).

We must notice that Brazil added the first Bitcoin ATM. It is a buy/sell machine located in Sao Paolo.

On the other hand, we are sad to say that the only Bitcoin ATM located in Norway was removed in November.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin1146912515+1046 (9.12%)
Altcoins78068442+636 (8.15%)
Litecoin76078219+612 (8.05%)
Ether67187233+515 (7.67%)
Bitcoin Cash37263938+212 (5.69%)
Dash23322477+145 (6.22%)
Tether255266+11 (4.31%)
Lightning BTC98-1 (11.11%)
Ripple163161-2 (1.23%)
Zcash9288-4 (4.35%)
Monero206186-20 (9.71%)
Dogecoin10272-30 (29.41%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin dropped a bit and is now at 67.4%. Litecoin was the second most added coin in October with 612 additions (8.05% increase) followed by Ether with 515 additions (7.67% increase) and Bitcoin Cash with 212 additions (5.69% increase).


The price of Bitcoin in November continued with an upward trend. Genesis Coin and General Bytes continue to be the most active manufacturers. The United States crossed the 10k mark when it comes to the total number of machines. Litecoin was again the most adopted coin besides Bitcoin.

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