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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics October 2019

The price of Bitcoin at the beginning of October was $8,361 and experienced small fluctuations until the end of the month when firstly it decreased to $7,453 which was followed by a noticeable increase that resulted in a $9,180 price at the end of the month. This is a 9.8% increase compared to the beginning of October.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, following the price of Bitcoin.

Period Start: 5714, Period End: 5876
Opened: 348, Closed: 186, Net Growth: + 162 (2.8%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin17131812+99 (5.8%)
General Bytes18271923+96 (5.3%)
Bitstop3144+13 (41.9%)
Lamassu484495+11 (2.3%)
LightningXchange102111+9 (8.8%)
ChainBytes1827+9 (50%)
zzBit3442+8 (23.5%)
Shitcoins Club8894+6 (6.8%)
Covault184187+3 (1.6%)
RusBit2225+3 (13.6%)
Coinsource275277+2 (0.7%)
Bytefederal4850+2 (4.2%)
Intellogate1820+2 (11.1%)
Bitcoin D.A.V.E.1012+2 (20%)
Bcash™1718+1 (5.9%)
Trovemat1415+1 (7.1%)
Walledo ATM1011+1 (10%)
wBTCb3130-1 (-3.2%)
BTC facil1817-1 (-5.6%)
Criptomat20-2 (-100%)
Orderbob ATM12118-103 (-85.1%)

As usual, the most successful manufacturers in October were Genesis Coin with 99 new machines (5.8% increase) and General Bytes with 96 new installations (5.3% increase) followed by Bitstop with 13 new machines (41.9% increase).

A South African manufacturer Ankerpay installed its first machine in October. It is a buy and sell machine located in Stellenbosch.

The biggest reduction in October was Orderbob ATM who removed 85.1% of their machines (103).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

Bitcoin Depot268333+65 (24.3%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs325374+49 (15.1%)
Bitstop120133+13 (10.8%)
RockItCoin206217+11 (5.3%)
Unbank4556+11 (24.4%)
Digital Mint133142+9 (6.8%)
Bitcoin of America207214+7 (3.4%)
Shitcoins Club8894+6 (6.8%)
ByteFederal LLC6167+6 (9.8%)
Kurant4450+6 (13.6%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com4450+6 (13.6%)
Quad Coin1521+6 (40%)
Black Frog Blockchain Ventures LLC8287+5 (6.1%)
BTM Nexus1217+5 (41.7%)
HODL Bum 16+5 (500%)
GetCoins8387+4 (4.8%)
zzBit3236+4 (12.5%)
Pelicoin LLC2933+4 (13.8%)

Bitcoin Depot was the top performing operator in October with respect to installations with 65 new machines (24.3% increase), followed by CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs with 49 new installations (15.1% increase) and Bitstop with 13 new machines (10.8% increase).

Change by Countries

United States35953834+239 (6.6%)
United Kingdom252262+10 (4%)
Greece5259+7 (13.5%)
Germany2732+5 (18.5%)
Canada639642+3 (0.5%)
Russian Federation5659+3 (5.4%)
Poland4952+3 (6.1%)
Italy4850+2 (4.2%)
Romania3638+2 (5.6%)
Ireland79+2 (28.6%)
Bulgaria45+1 (25%)
South Africa45+1 (25%)
Malta34+1 (33.3%)
France23+1 (50%)
Switzerland7675-1 (-1.3%)
Belgium1312-1 (-7.7%)
Vietnam65-1 (-16.7%)
Ukraine108-2 (-20%)
Czech Republic7269-3 (-4.2%)
Spain8173-8 (-9.9%)
Slovakia4840-8 (-16.7%)
Hungary2920-9 (-31%)
Netherlands4127-14 (-34.1%)
Turkey257-18 (-72%)
Austria245191-54 (-22%)

The United States continue to top the countries list with 239 new machines (6.6% increase) in October. The United Kingdom was second with 10 new installations (4% increase) followed by Greece with 7 new machines (13.5% increase).

We are happy to notice that Venezuela installed the first machine on its territory in October.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Dash10921286194 (17.77%)
Litecoin38294021192 (5.01%)
Bitcoin57085872164 (2.87%)
Altcoins4053413481 (2.00%)
Bitcoin Cash2253232875 (3.33%)
Ether3444349349 (1.42%)
Dogecoin59645 (8.47%)
Monero1992023 (1.51%)
Zcash83852 (2.41%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other than Bitcoin cryptocurrencies increased and now it is 70.4%. Dash was the most added coin in October with 194 (17.77% increase) followed by Litecoin with 192 (5.01% increase) and Bitcoin with 164 (2.87% increase).


In October Bitcoin experienced an increase in price, Genesis Coin and General Bytes installed the most machines, The United States had most machines installed, Dash was the most added coin.

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