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Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics October 2020

At the beginning of October, the price of Bitcoin was $10,778 and maintained the raising trend through most of the month until it reached a value of $13,565. When we compare the Bitcoin values at the beginning and the end of the month, we can notice that it has gone up by 25.6% in October.

The speed of bitcoin ATM installations was lower than previous month (8% vs. 10%).

Period Start: 10630, Period End: 11478
Opened: 1034, Closed: 186, Net Growth: +848 (7.9%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin37544129+375 (10%)
General Bytes31603389+229 (7.2%)
Coinsource659739+80 (12.1%)
BitAccess10641116+52 (4.9%)
LightningXchange278322+44 (15.8%)
Bytefederal139169+30 (21.6%)
Bitstop250267+17 (6.8%)
zzBit6268+6 (9.7%)
Shitcoins Club103108+5 (4.9%)
Lamassu538542+4 (0.7%)
Covault229233+4 (1.7%)
Cryptocurrency ATM68+2 (33.3%)
Trovemat4445+1 (2.3%)
ChainBytes3132+1 (3.2%)
Gate ATM011
Orderbob ATM1716-1 (-5.9%)
Vault Logic1514-1 (-6.7%)
Bitcoin D.A.V.E.98-1 (-11.1%)
Astra Pay87-1 (-12.5%)

The same as in previous months, Genesis Coin with 375 new machines (10% increase) and General Bytes with 229 new installations (7.2% increase) were the most active manufacturers in October. Coinsource was in third place with 80 new machines (12.1% increase).

We also have to notice that two of the Manufacturers installed their first machines in October – Ukraine based Intellogate and Gate ATM from Estonia.

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

Bitcoin Depot9811110+129 (13.1%)
CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs10211143+122 (11.9%)
RockItCoin543620+77 (14.2%)
Bitcoin of America392458+66 (16.8%)
ATM Coiners217264+47 (21.7%)
CoinCloud10091053+44 (4.4%)
Digital Mint300344+44 (14.7%)
Quad Coin144188+44 (30.6%)
National Bitcoin ATM384424+40 (10.4%)
Coinsource426459+33 (7.7%)
Byte Federal, Inc.152182+30 (19.7%)
HODL Bum1845+27 (150%)
Cash2Bitcoin.com154175+21 (13.6%)
Bitbox ATM90110+20 (22.2%)
Bitstop336353+17 (5.1%)
Localcoin218229+11 (5%)
Unbank107117+10 (9.3%)
BudgetCoinz, LLC5765+8 (14%)
DBS Coins2027+7 (35%)
Shitcoins Club103108+5 (4.9%)
Bitcoin Solutions7176+5 (7%)
Cryptobase5762+5 (8.8%)
Pay DEPOT LLC227231+4 (1.8%)
HoneyBadger107111+4 (3.7%)
Hodl Digital Services4751+4 (8.5%)
CoinMover3741+4 (10.8%)
TheCoinBros3438+4 (11.8%)
FastBTC.ca711+4 (57.1%)
Bitcoin’s Machine15+4 (400%)

Bitcoin Depot was the most active Operator in October with 129 new machines (13.1% increase) and at the same time passed the 1000 machines in total. CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs followed with 122 new installations (11.9% increase) while RockItCoin came third with 77 new machines (14.2% increase).

Change by Countries

United States82749076+802 (9.7%)
Canada833865+32 (3.8%)
Germany2935+6 (20.7%)
United Kingdom262266+4 (1.5%)
Belgium3034+4 (13.3%)
Poland6568+3 (4.6%)
Hungary4548+3 (6.7%)
Thailand58+3 (60%)
Czech Republic6365+2 (3.2%)
Greece5355+2 (3.8%)
Romania4850+2 (4.2%)
Colombia3940+1 (2.6%)
Ireland2223+1 (4.5%)
Australia1617+1 (6.3%)
France1112+1 (9.1%)
Bulgaria910+1 (11.1%)
Estonia78+1 (14.3%)
Switzerland102101-1 (-1%)
Serbia65-1 (-16.7%)
Taiwan1210-2 (-16.7%)
Austria151147-4 (-2.6%)
Italy5854-4 (-6.9%)
Netherlands3726-11 (-29.7%)

The United States continues to dominate ATM adoption. In October 802 new machines were added in the US (9.7% increase). Canada added 32 new machines (3.8% increase) while Germany had 6 new installations (20.7% increase).

We are happy to notice that Latvia got their first ATMs in October. Both are Shitcoins Club buy/sell machines and are located in Riga.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin1049411469+975 (9.29%)
Altcoins72257806+581 (8.04%)
Litecoin70337607+574 (8.16%)
Ether62326718+486 (7.80%)
Bitcoin Cash34943726+232 (6.64%)
Dash21492332+183 (8.52%)
Ripple131163+32 (24.43%)
Dogecoin72102+30 (41.67%)
Tether250255+5 (2.00%)
Zcash8992+3 (3.37%)
Lightning BTC109-1 (10.00%)
Monero217206-11 (5.07%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin dropped a bit and is now at 68.0%. Litecoin was the second most added coin in October with 574 additions (8.16% increase) followed by Ether with 486 additions (7.80% increase) and Bitcoin Cash with 232 additions (6.64% increase).


The price of Bitcoin in September experienced a significant increase. Genesis Coin and General Bytes were again the most active manufacturers. The United States is still the most active country. Litecoin continues to be the most adopted coin besides Bitcoin.

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