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Bitcoin ATM Operations and Altcoins Support, First Blackcoin ATM

The network of Coin ATMs increases quite fast these days. There is no a single day when a new ATM does not appear on our Bitcoin ATM Map. Recently, the new information became available that Blackcoin is going to be supported in some of the ATMs. Thanks to the Bitcoin42 team (they operate two Bitcoin ATM in Tijuana, Mexico) and Genesis Coin producer this became possible. Recently it was announced that the newly launched Bitcoin ATM in Bochum will also support Blackcoin transactions.

ATMs with Litecoin and Dogecoin support

It looks like the Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM is the most cryptocurrency agnostic ATM as of today. Initially Litecoin and Dogecoin support also was coming from this manufacturer. The first such ATM was launched in Tijuana, Mexico. Actually there were two ATMs launched in the same BIT Center: one was supporting US Dollar operations and the other one – Mexican Peso. The machines allowed both buy and sell cryptocurrency options.

Bitcoin ATM in Mexico

Other Bitcoin ATMs that are also supporting alternative digital currencies (Litecoin and Dogecoin) are produced by Czech company General Bytes. Only recently the European operator MrBitcoin announced the support for Litecoin in the General Bytes ATMs they operate in Amsterdam and Arnhem, but at the moment the capacity of the ATMs is limited to only one-way operations, means you can buy Bitcoin and Litecoin from them, but not sell.

Blackcoin ATM

The crypto agnostic platform of the Genesis1 ATM allowed recently to implement support for Blackcoin as well, which was announced in August.

Blackcoin ATM transaction
Blackcoin ATM transaction

According to the information from Genesis Coin representative this has become possible due to a lot of effort from Bitcoin42 team. Actually, the Blackcoin is already one of the supported coins in their ATMs in Tijuana.

And recently it has also been announced that Blackcoin will be supported in Bochum, Germany. Well, looking forward for further developments in multi cyrptocurrency support, as the operator company Coinsulting announced that there are 2 more ATMs on the way to be installed soon.

Coin ATMs statistics

In this section we provide more insight on how many ATMs actually support  different cryptocurrencies and different types of operations (buy only vs. buy and sell operations).

Share per manufacturer

Bitcoin ATM statistics

The leading position has Lamassu with 34% of the market, followed by Robocoin (17%) and Skyhook(16%). BitAccess has 13% and Genesis Coin has 7% of total number of installed Bitcoin ATMs.

One-way vs. two-way

It is known fact, that not all Bitcoin ATM manufacturers support two-way operations on the hardware level. The ones who actually support cash out options are:

  • Genesis1
  • Robocoin
  • BitAccess
  • Lamassu (via additional stand)
  • LocalBitcoins
  • BTCPoint
  • BitXatm
  • CoinPlug
  • CoinOutlet

Let’s check how many of installed Bitcoin ATMs actually support two-way transactions. As of today there are 230 ATMs installed worldwide.

Bitcoin ATM statistics

From the chart we see that 40% of all Bitcoin ATMs worldwide actually support cash-out operations. So, whoever tells you that you can only buy bitcoins with ATMs, but not sell – just point him here and ask to stop spreading this misinformation.

Now, let’s check how many two-way Bitcoin machines are installed per each manufacturer:

Bitcoin ATM statistics

From the histogram it is seen that the leading suppliers of two-way Bitcoin machines are Robocoin, Bitaccess and Genesis Coin. They are followed by machines from BitXatm, LocalBitcoins, BTCPoint and Coinplug which have much fewer machines installed in total. The share of installed two-way ATMs for these manufacturers are 100% or almost 100% in the case of BitAccess.

All the other Bitcoin ATM types are installed as one-way only. Most of them simply don’t support two-way transactions, but in case of Lamassu, it looks like at the moment nobody is using additional stand for cash-out operations.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin support in the ATMs

Bitcoin ATM statistics

From the diagram we see that Bitcoin is supported in 100% of all ATMs installed. And we have only few ATMs supporting Litecoin (4%) and Dogecoin (3%). Blackcoin is supposedly to be supported on the ATM in Bochum, Germany, which is launched today. And also it is supported on both machines in Tijuana, Mexico.

Looking at the distribution of supported alt coins among ATM types, we see only two main players Genesis1 ATM (all mentioned altcoins) and General Bytes (Litecoin support). On the General Bytes site it is stated that the machine itseld may support dogecoins, but the operators are not using this functionality at the moment. All the other ATMs support only Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATM statistics

Hopefully we see growth in multi cryptocurrency support accross the ATMs in the future.

Find the closest Bitcoin ATM to your location – use our Bitcoin ATM Map. In case you know about Bitcoin ATM, which is not represented on our map – please submit it to [email protected].

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