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Bitcoin ATM review: Huntington Beach, California

This is a review of a bitcoin ATM usage provided to us by Paul Nguyen – a participant in our “Use bitcoin ATM and get a hardware wallet” campaign. Bitcoin ATM is located at Marina smoke shop in Huntington Beach, CA and is operated by National Bitcoin. Using our site you can easily find and compare all bitcoin ATMs in California or in and around Los Angeles

Bitcoin ATM Marina Smoke Shop

When I was first introduced to the Bitcoin world, obtaining them was difficult. This magical form of currency allowed so much yet remained quite aloof to me. All the bitcoin ATMs were far (approximately an hour drive to the nearest) and venturing out to them was an expedition that had to be planned ahead of time. I searched for sources and researched ways to obtain bitcoins, but none ever gave me what I wanted how I wanted it. Ultimately, obtaining bitcoin was difficult and inconvenient.

Fast forward a year later, the process hasn’t changed much. Online financial institutions who sell Bitcoins to US citizens are not plentiful (Circle Pay and Coinbase) and require lengthy verification procedures and subject you to arbitrary reviews as to how you are spending your bitcoin.  Annoyed by feeling as if someone was watching over my shoulder for every bitcoin transaction, I wished for a way to just simply convert my dollars into bitcoins. That wish came true the day I discovered A new Genesis ATM had opened up just a few days prior and is only about ten minutes away.

I was ecstatic as I waltzed into the shop with a $100 dollar bill. However, I had wanted to spend only $50, so I purchased something small from the shop in order to receive some change. The shop merchant was very kind and was genuinely happy to see someone using the new bitcoin ATM. I could see that it was as new to him as it was to me.

Using bitcoin ATM in California

I initiated the transaction process and since my order was less than $3000, the only requirement was my phone number (they send a verification text message) and a simple scan of my wallet’s QR code. I inserted the first twenty with ease, then the second; but when I deposited the $10 bill, I was surprised to find that it had been rejected. I tried a few more times, the same thing kept happening. Then, I tried two fives. I still got the same results.

I asked the owner, “Does this machine accept only twenty dollar bills and above?” To which he replied, “I’m not sure, but it looks like it.” So, with no qualms—I deposited another twenty (ten more than I had wanted originally but that’s really the only con I have to say about this machine.) The simplicity of the entire transaction has more than made up for this minor inconvenience; and in addition, the slightly high exchange rate is more than made up for with the ease of mind that this machine provides. Obtaining bitcoins should be easy, but financial institutions accessing your wallets and delaying transactions has made me a believer in the superiority of purchasing bitcoin through ATM’s.

Furthermore, if you cannot access your bitcoin wallet for whatever reason, there is an option to print your coins onto a QR code printed onto a paper. I haven’t tried this yet myself but it seems like a promising alternative. The accessibility this machine provides has facilitated my entire bitcoin experience, no more headaches with google searches on how to buy your bitcoins with PayPal!

Some words of advice to anyone seeking to use this method of acquiring bitcoin:

  1. Make certain that your cellphone is with you and is well charged or else you will have made the trip for nothing.
  2. Make sure your bills are in twenty and above.

Using bitcoin ATM in California


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