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Buy Bitcoins at Bitcoin ATMs

Using a BitAccess bitcoin ATM at Rocket Fizz in Las Vegas

This is the last (tenth) review from our bitcoin ATM use series. Hope our reviewers enjoyed HW.1 hardware wallets from Ledger and readers enjoyed reading experience of real people using bitcoin ATMs at different locations.

For the full list of bitcoin ATM usage reviews please check this post.

The following review is provided to us by the user with a nickname NoNSeNsii from Las Vegas. Bitcoin machine that was reviewed is located at Rocket Fizz.

Bitcoin ATM Rocket Fizz Las Vegas

The bitcoin ATM was wonderfully convenient and easy to use. I started out walking up to it and noticing how strange and minimalistic it seemed. As I touched the screen to activate the process it gave basic questions and requests. It asked for my phone number. Then requested that I verify the front and back of my ID. Then it asked that I take a picture in front of the webcam in order to verify and authenticate. After verifying everything, it asked me to wait a moment as it verified. I then waited about 10 minutes. And I received a text message to go back to the ATM.

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Using a bitcoin ATM: Satoshi1 bitcoin machine at BrySon Milan in Chicago

This is a sixth review of our bitcoin ATM usage series.

The following review is provided to us by Andrew Scott from Chicago, IL. Bitcoin machine that was reviewed is located at BrySon Milan in Chicago.

Bitcoin ATM machine in Chicago at BrySon Milan

Notice: I’m very new to bitcoin and this is actually how I purchased my first bitcoin, so please bare with me.

For a long while now I’ve known that bitcoin was something I would be interested in if only I would take the time to learn about it. I work with software for a living, cyber security specifically. I also enjoy keeping up with economic and financial news. And I typically like to be involved with whatever the new bleeding edge tech is. So all things considered, I really missed the boat when it comes to being an early bitcoin user. Continue reading

Using a bitcoin ATM: Robocoin / Lamassu machine at Southcenter Mall in Seattle, WA

This is a fifth review of our bitcoin ATM usage series.

The following story is provided to us by a user with nickname Crow from Seattle, WA. And bitcoin ATM reviewed is located at Southcenter Mall in Seattle, WA.

Coinme bitcoin kiosk Seattle

I discovered this website (and subsequently, this ATM) recently. The overall experience was good (with some exceptions).

The ATM does not accept credit/debit cards, which wasn’t a huge dilemma (for me personally) as there was a cash ATM right next to the bitcoin ATM. So, the machine was conveniently placed next to a cash ATM to address that issue. No big deal. The cash ATM also happened to be surcharge-free for me, even better.

The bitcoin ATM process starts off simple. Buy or Sell bitcoins? Today, I bought bitcoins.

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Using a bitcoin ATM: Satoshi1 machine at Vape Dynamiks in Athens, GA

This is a fourth review of bitcoin ATM usage sent to us by participants in “Hardware wallet in exchange for bitcoin machine review”. At the time of this writing there are still 2 hardware wallets available. You can send your story to us and get Ledger HW.1 wallet.

The following story is provided to us by Eric Kwak from Athens, GA. And bitcoin ATM reviewed is located at Vape Dynamiks in Athena, GA.

Bitcoin ATM Vape Dynamiks in Athens, GA

Gone are the days of the “first generation” bitcoin ATM’s that not only looked like a prototype side project but also functioned like one. Although this is only the second time I’ve had the pleasure of using a 2-way Genesis Coin ATM, it’s clear that the process of selling Bitcoin and receiving fiat money ATM-style seems to be getting increasingly simpler and ever-quicker than before. And one of the most convenient parts about this particular location visited? The ATM is located inside a vape bar that closes late (11:00 pm on average). Might not be so great for those all-night bender weekends :/ After all, it is located in the heart of GA Dawgs territory! Anyhow, I’m not here to judge you on how you spend your hard earned btc’s->fiat, but rather to fill you in on the pleasurable experience I had trading them for some boring ole’ bills.  Continue reading

Using a bitcoin ATM: Lamassu machine at CEX in Glasgow

This is a third published story from participants in our “Use bitcoin ATM, write review and get hardware wallet for free” campaign. At the time of this posting – there are still 2 Ledger wallets available. So hurry up and don’t miss the chance.

The following bitcoin machine usage experience description is provided to us by Derwin McGeary, who used a machine in Glasgow, Scotland.

One thing about Bitcoin is that when you tell people about it, the reaction is frequently, “You must be crazy!” or “That’s all very interesting, but how would you actually do it in practice?”. Often, it’s not that easy, and almost never all that anonymous: “You just give this website your credit card details and show them your government-issued ID”. So I was intrigued to find out that there was a Bitcoin ATM in the centre of my home city of Glasgow, Scotland. A bit of research revealed that it was in a chain of electronics shops, CEX which started to accept Bitcoin for purchases and even staged a Bitcoin-only weekend to launch it!

CEX bitcoin ATM

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Using a bitcoin ATM: Genesis1 machine at Fantastico Comic Store in Mexico City

This is a second bitcoin ATM usage experience story from our participants in “Use bitcoin ATM and get a Ledger HW.1 hardware wallet” series. At the time of this posting – there are still 5 hardware wallets available, so you still can send your story to us and get a free Ledger wallet.

The following bitcoin ATM usage description is provided to us by Ismael Acevedo from Mexico City.

Bitcoin ATM Mexico City at Fantastico Comics

The Bitcoin ATM I have used was at the Fantastico Comic Store in Mexico City, in the locators it seems to be the only bitcoin ATM in Mexico City. I have read a lot about Bitcoin since several years but the way to buy some was insecure, little dark and sincerely I was full of doubts, but one day when I went to the store I realized about the ATM, promised myself to return later to give it a try. And today I used it, and it was a pleasant surprise how easy the process is, I downloaded the Bitcoin Wallet app in my smartphone so I was able to use a QR code generated by the app to receive my money. The ATM got options to create a new wallet using the fingerprint for security, there’s also an option to enter bitcoin address manually if you want to send to a wallet in your computer.

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Bitcoin ATM review: Huntington Beach, California

This is a review of a bitcoin ATM usage provided to us by Paul Nguyen – a participant in our “Use bitcoin ATM and get a hardware wallet” campaign. Bitcoin ATM is located at Marina smoke shop in Huntington Beach, CA and is operated by National Bitcoin. Using our site you can easily find and compare all bitcoin ATMs in California or in and around Los Angeles

Bitcoin ATM Marina Smoke Shop

When I was first introduced to the Bitcoin world, obtaining them was difficult. This magical form of currency allowed so much yet remained quite aloof to me. All the bitcoin ATMs were far (approximately an hour drive to the nearest) and venturing out to them was an expedition that had to be planned ahead of time. I searched for sources and researched ways to obtain bitcoins, but none ever gave me what I wanted how I wanted it. Ultimately, obtaining bitcoin was difficult and inconvenient.

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