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During recent update on the site we’ve added two new features, which might be very useful.

On every bitcoin ATM listing page there is now a block available for:

  • Nearest bitcoin ATMs compared to currently viewed.

If the ATM you reached is not working, you can, of course, leave a feedback for it, but also find the closest bitcoin ATM and move there. All closest bitcoin machines are sorted according to increasing distance from current bitcoin ATM, so it is very easy to see, which is the next available nearby.

Nearest bitcoin ATM locations on

  • Another tab lists cheapest bitcoin ATMs in the same geographic area as current bitcoin machine.

Machines are sorted from lowest fee to highest. Fees for purchasing bitcoin is taken as a basis. Users can see an overview of lowest bitcoin machine fees around and check details on every detailed listing.

Cheapest bitcoin machines on

  • Find bitcoin ATMs near me is a new page dedicated for locating your nearest bitcoin machines based on your geo position (default action). It can also be used to find locations based on particular address. Go on and try it.

Bitcoin ATM near me

Hope these two new functionalities will make navigating through bitcoin ATMs easier.

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