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Los Angeles Bitcoin ATM Network

Los Angeles is a conglomerate of various bitcoin ATMs, which are operated by plenty of different operators. If you are in any district of the city, it is likely there will be a bitcoin ATM nearby.

Find all bitcoin ATM locations in Los Angeles.

Bitcoin ATM in Los Angeles

Los Angeles currently has 80 bitcoin ATMs installed. After NY with 86 machines, LA is the second largest conglomerate with respect to number of installed bitcoin machines.


First bitcoin ATMs in LA area were installed by Zenbox operator back in June 2014. They were Robocoin Kiosks:

Zenbox Robocoin Kiosk LA

Unfortunately, today none of the both companies (nor manufacturer, neither operator) are in business anymore.

Since then new companies joined the market:


Bitcoin ATM operators in Los Angeles

As already mentioned bitcoin machine installations in LA territory began back in middle of 2014. The first of large operators in LA with current 10 machines was National Bitcoin ATM, who started installing first machines back in the end of 2014. The company grew steadily over several years in Los Angeles territory, however, plateaued wrt number of bitcoin machines in 2017. Herocoin is another operator with 10 bitcoin machines in LA as of this writing. They started in the first half of 2015. In the end of 2015 a currently re-branded to BitcoinPlug company entered the market. And the largest operator in the area, as well as the largest in the world, is Coinsource, who has 108 machines in total and 20 of them in Los Angeles area. It is interesting to see how Coinsource entered the market latest (~May 2016), however, grew much more aggressively since then and overcome all the other operators.

All in all, bitcoin ATM business is growing in Los Angeles territory and the competition is pretty high with many operators, e.g. “Other” section contains 11 more other smaller operators, who have at least 1 machine as of now (see Distribution below).


Los Angeles has a broad choice of operators and machines. Here is a list of all bitcoin ATM players on LA market sorted by number of machines descending:

Operator Name Number of machines Percentage from total
Coinsource 20 25.0%
BitcoinPlug 15 18.8%
National Bitcoin ATM 10 12.5%
HeroCoin 10 12.5%
LocalBTM 4 5.0%
CoinCloud 4 5.0%
zzBit 4 5.0%
Blockchain BTM 4 5.0%
Digital Mint 2 2.5%
TheCoinBros 2 2.5%
RockItCoin 1 1.3%
Smoke world tobacco 1 1.3%
5MinuteBTC 1 1.3%
EZ Coin ATM, LLC 1 1.3%
Bitcoin of America 1 1.3%

Here is a distribution of the machines type used in Los Angeles, which is very similar to worldwide distribution:

Manufacturer Number Percentage
Genesis Coin 38 47.5%
Lamassu 17 21.3%
General Bytes 17 21.3%
BitAccess 4 5.0%
zzBit 4 5.0%

Majority of machines are Genesis Coin units. It is followed by Lamassu and General Bytes ATMs, who have the same number of machines (21% each).

We reached out to bitcoin machine operators in the area for comments. 

RockItCoin Logo

RockItCoin, a company which has 35 bitcoin ATMs installed in various states, has only 1 bitcoin machine in LA at the moment. RockItCoin representative replied that “LA is one of the top cites in the world. LA also has a thriving blockchain / Bitcoin community, this makes LA and early adopter of this disruptive technology.” 

According to company representative the surprising about LA area was that “Chicago is home to the top financial exchanges in the world, yet we have identified LA as a key influencer in the Bitcoin ATM network.  It’s ironic in a Hollywood-based city where it’s about producers and actors that they are on the forefront on an emerging currency”.

RockItCoin has long standing goal to become a global Bitcoin Brand, and has plans to soon launch its own native app. All the locations of RockItCoin including LA location can be found on the map.


You can find all bitcoin ATM locations on our map.

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