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New bitcoin ATM locations as of 21.07.2015

Last week brought several new installations to our bitcoin ATM map.

Bitcoin ATMs in United States

There were three new bitcoin ATM added in United States.

Cottonwood Vending operator added its sixth location in New York area. Now satoshi1 one-way bitcoin machine was installed in Harlem, NY at Apollo Deli & Fruit. This ATM allows quickly buying bitcoins. Online prices for this ATM are available at given above link, machine charges on average 8-12% fee above market rate. The ATM has additional bulk note acceptor, which means it can easily handle huge packs of paper money and convert it into real money of future in seconds.

New York bitcoin ATM

Another similar satoshi1 bitcoin machine went live in Arbutus. It is operated by Digital Express and located at Sorrento Cafe. This one charges 7% over Bitfinex and has daily limits of $9999.

Bitcoin ATM machine in Arbutus at Sorrento Cafe

Satoshi1 bitcoin ATMs are quite popular in the latest time according to installations number. Slick design with large screen makes it a very nice add-on to interiors of local businesses and also the pricing from manufacturer (currently $5800 including delivery in North America) is quite competitive. Probably this success of new one-way bitcoin ATM allowed Genesis Coin to reach place #2 in total number of active bitcoin ATM locations and overtake BitAccess in this list.

Third machine was very well publicly covered – it is a new type of bitcoin machine – Modenero Concierge. This project was launched as a competitor and replacement for Skyhook bitcoin machines. The latter looks to be abandoned or at least the support is not responsive anymore according to many operators’ complaints. So there is a niche for cheap bitcoin machines, and Kewl Life (company producing this new machine type) plans to fulfill the market needs in lower price segment.

The machine is installed at Smoke Shop Jersey City. It charges 10-15%, which is significantly above the average market bitcoin ATM fee size of 5.6%.

Jersey Bitcoin ATM


Bitcoin ATM in Japan

Three brand-new Satoshi1 bitcoin machines went live in Japan this week. Two in Okayama and one in Tokyo. Bitcoin machines are operated by Japanese company Sundale Co Ltd. Online prices for them are available at our site.

Skyhook bitcoin machines in Canada

Although Skyhook project became quite unresponsive, there are still new installation occur. This week – two new places got Skyhook machines installed in Canada.
One went live in Montreal at Marche New Orchard. This machine is operated by Autocoinage, who also operates four other bitcoin ATMs in Montreal.Autocoinage bitcoin ATM in Montreal

Another Skyhook machine is installed at PCrenu in Winnipeg. This one charges visitors 6.5% which is slightly above the market, and the limit for transactions is 2 BTC.

Bitcoin ATM in Europe

There were four bitcoin machines installed in Europe this week. One in Ljubljana at World Trade Center. This is a Lamassu bitcoin ATM, but it has a Santo Tirso stand, which allows to withdraw cash in exchange for bitcoins. So this machine supports both operations: buy and sell bitcoins. This ATM charges only 3%, which is very low fee on the market and has quite substantial limits for transactions (4900 EUR for buy bitcoins, 1900 EUR for sell bitcoins).

Bitcoin ATM Ljubljana - Lamassu

Another bitcoin ATM (one-way machine produced by General Bytes) went live at main train station in Vienna. This is a second bitcoin ATM from Austrian company Coinfinity, who already operated a bitcoin ATM at their office in Graz. Fees are quite low at 4% and there are no limits. Buying bitcoins is pretty easy using this machine and it is demonstrated in the following video by Lucas from Coinfinity:

Third machine was a bitcoin machine in Valencia at at Las Naves. Charges 4% from Kraken and has 1000 EUR limit. It is installed by well-known Spanish company Bitchain with recent coverage in news of their two-way bitcoin machine installed in Greece.  It is a two-way as well in Valencia, so one can buy and sell bitcoins here.

bitcoin ATM Valencia

Finally there was a new installation of futuristic looking two-way General Bytes bitcoin ATM in London at iMakr Store. Fees and limits are not known yet, but will be updated in due course.

Bitcoin ATM London

There is some activity increase on the bitcoin ATM market, and there will be new locations available soon. Check new bitcoin ATM locations on our map and you always will know if a new bitcoin ATM was installed near you.

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2 thoughts on “New bitcoin ATM locations as of 21.07.2015

  1. I had been intending to visit this location for quite some time:

    as it had been one of the first couple prominent Bitcoin ATM locations in town. Finally made it there on 8/18/15, mid-week, middle of the business day. The store was dark, locked, and empty. A sign said “Ring the Bell for Service”, but there was *no* bell. All the merchandise display cases were empty. Based on that, I conclude that this longstanding business must be defunct. Needless to say, a wasted trip, and disappointing. Therefore, it should be removed from your listings.

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