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New Bitcoin ATMs in Czech Republic, Netherlands and Ukraine

The number of installed Bitcoin ATMs grow every day. It can be easily observed on the chart of Bitcoin ATM locations increase or in our recent post about Bitcoin ATMs with respect to manufacturers. In this post it is seen that Robocoin Kiosk installations are not that frequent compared to its competitors. But in recent days we see there are several Robocoin ATMs appeared in Europe.

Bitcoin ATM in Hague, The Netherlands

This Robocoin two-way Bitcoin Kiosk was installed in Hague, Netherlands. On this page you can find the online rates for buy and sell bitcoins at this machine. It is located in Barber & Co workspace office building. This Bitcoin ATM is already in use, but there will be official opening in the “last Tuesday of September”.

Robocoin Bitcoin ATM Hague, Netherlands

Bitcoin ATM in Prague, Czech Repulic

Another Bitcoin ATM from Robocoin manufacturer is installed in Prague, Czech Republic at Slovanský dum shopping mall. It is operated by Czech company WBTCB and this is the third Bitcoin ATM from this operator. The other two are located in Prague Bitcoin Center and Brno.

Bitcoin ATM Prague

Bitcoin ATM in Ukraine

Another Bitcoin ATM, and this time it is Lamassu machine, is installed in Bitcoin Embassy Ukraine. There were already about 4000 terminals accross the country, which allowed to purchase bitcoins with cash. The difference is that for buying bitcoins in those terminals, user purchases the code which then can be converted to bitcoins on the operator site. With this lamassu unit bitcoins can be purchased immediately. It is operated by the KUNA company. According to the company representative, they are closely working with regulators and also the Qiwi terminals network. Michail Chobanyan mentioned that they will launch the service for purchasing bitcoins in all Qiwi terminals accross the country in about a week. First it will be in beta-test mode, but later everybody will be able to purchase bitcoins without a hassle. Using already existing networks of terminals – Ukraine will be the leading country in the number of points where people will be able to get bitcoins in exchange for cash. And this is a very cool news! Congrats, Ukraine!

Bitcoin ATM Ukraine

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