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Buy Bitcoins at Bitcoin ATMs

Use bitcoin ATM and win a free bitcoin hardware wallet

UPD: Campaign is ended. No wallets are left.

Bitcoin ATM is one of the easiest ways to acquire bitcoins. However, after you have bitcoins in your wallet – now it matters to keep them safe. At the moment, the most reliable way to store bitcoins is using a hardware wallet. We’ve already written a post in our blog about how to buy bitcoins from ATM directly into hardware wallet. Now we decided to go further and give 10 hardware bitcoin wallets to bitcoin machine users for free.

Fre hardware wallet for bitcoin ATM usage

We’ve decided to give away 10 Ledger HW.1 wallets. They are the cheapest option on the market, however, combined with Starter system Ledger provides and also phone pairing for payment confirmations – they give a decent way of security to handle bitcoins.

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How To Buy Bitcoins At ATM Directly To Hardware Wallet

Send Bitcoins from an ATM Directly to a Hardware Wallet

Bitcoin ATMs make buying bitcoins easy and fast. Bitcoins purchased from Bitcoin ATMs are delivered to the recipient in one of several ways:

  • a private key printed on receipt paper;
  • encrypted with user given password a private key is sent by email;
  • to a Bitcoin address provided by user and scanned at the machine before payment.

What if, however, you want to deliver your bitcoins directly to a bitcoin hardware wallet? Hardware wallets don’t have screens and require software to interact with the device. So how can you send bitcoins from an ATM directly to your hardware wallet?

Mobile HD Watch-only Wallets

Using a mobile wallet like Mycelium or Sentinel, you can import your hardware wallet HD seed onto your mobile device. This allows you to view your hardware wallet addresses and accept payments to your hardware wallet from your phone. There will be no need to even carry or bring the hardware wallet with you to the ATM. Continue reading