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Using a bitcoin ATM: Robocoin / Lamassu machine at Southcenter Mall in Seattle, WA

This is a fifth review of our bitcoin ATM usage series.

The following story is provided to us by a user with nickname Crow from Seattle, WA. And bitcoin ATM reviewed is located at Southcenter Mall in Seattle, WA.

Coinme bitcoin kiosk Seattle

I discovered this website (and subsequently, this ATM) recently. The overall experience was good (with some exceptions).

The ATM does not accept credit/debit cards, which wasn’t a huge dilemma (for me personally) as there was a cash ATM right next to the bitcoin ATM. So, the machine was conveniently placed next to a cash ATM to address that issue. No big deal. The cash ATM also happened to be surcharge-free for me, even better.

The bitcoin ATM process starts off simple. Buy or Sell bitcoins? Today, I bought bitcoins.

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Using a bitcoin ATM: Genesis1 machine at Fantastico Comic Store in Mexico City

This is a second bitcoin ATM usage experience story from our participants in “Use bitcoin ATM and get a Ledger HW.1 hardware wallet” series. At the time of this posting – there are still 5 hardware wallets available, so you still can send your story to us and get a free Ledger wallet.

The following bitcoin ATM usage description is provided to us by Ismael Acevedo from Mexico City.

Bitcoin ATM Mexico City at Fantastico Comics

The Bitcoin ATM I have used was at the Fantastico Comic Store in Mexico City, in the locators it seems to be the only bitcoin ATM in Mexico City. I have read a lot about Bitcoin since several years but the way to buy some was insecure, little dark and sincerely I was full of doubts, but one day when I went to the store I realized about the ATM, promised myself to return later to give it a try. And today I used it, and it was a pleasant surprise how easy the process is, I downloaded the Bitcoin Wallet app in my smartphone so I was able to use a QR code generated by the app to receive my money. The ATM got options to create a new wallet using the fingerprint for security, there’s also an option to enter bitcoin address manually if you want to send to a wallet in your computer.

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Use bitcoin ATM and win a free bitcoin hardware wallet

UPD: Campaign is ended. No wallets are left.

Bitcoin ATM is one of the easiest ways to acquire bitcoins. However, after you have bitcoins in your wallet – now it matters to keep them safe. At the moment, the most reliable way to store bitcoins is using a hardware wallet. We’ve already written a post in our blog about how to buy bitcoins from ATM directly into hardware wallet. Now we decided to go further and give 10 hardware bitcoin wallets to bitcoin machine users for free.

Fre hardware wallet for bitcoin ATM usage

We’ve decided to give away 10 Ledger HW.1 wallets. They are the cheapest option on the market, however, combined with Starter system Ledger provides and also phone pairing for payment confirmations – they give a decent way of security to handle bitcoins.

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