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Top Bitcoin ATM Cities

Sometimes it is hard to find a good location for a bitcoin ATM, but at the same time there are places where demand is high enough to put several machines at the same location or close to each other. It might be dictated by high competition in the region among the operators or simply pure high demand for buy / sell bitcoin services.

In this post we look at the list of top 6 bitcoin ATM cities and check who are the top operators in the areas and what is the mostly used type of bitcoin ATMs.

#6 Chicago, USA – 12 bitcoin ATMs

Chicago city

Chicago opens our list of top bitcoin ATM cities at position #6 with 12 installations. 7 machines are manufacturer by Genesis Coin, who is a leading supplier of bitcoin machines in this area. Speaking about operators, half of all installations belong to Red Leaf Chicago, who is the leading provider of bitcoin ATM services in Chicago area.

Chicago bitcoin ATM map

#5 Hong Kong – 13 bitcoin ATMs

Hong King city

The next top city (#5) in our list is Hong Kong with 13 machines in total. Fair to say, Hong Kong is the most bitcoin ATM rich region in Asia. Taking into account close locations of Macau and Shenzhen – the total number of bitcoin machines in this area is 19.

Leading provider of the services in Hong Kong is Bitcoinnect (7 bitcoin ATMs belong to them), who mostly supplies Genesis Coin machines (both two-way Genesis1 and one-way Satoshi1), so Genesis Coin again has top number of installations in this region (9 out of 13).

Hong Kong bitcoin ATM map

#4 Toronto, Canada – 15 bitcoin ATMs

Toronto City

Toronto comes at position #4 with 15 bitcoin ATM locations. However, this city shares the position with Vancouver and New York according to the number of bitcoin ATM locations. Leading operator at the market is BitSent with 4 bitcoin machines. Most popular bitcoin ATM type used in Toronto is Lamassu (7 installations out of 15).

Toronto bitcoin ATM map

#3 Vancouver, Canada – 15 bitcoin ATMs

Vancouver City

Vancouver is the city where the first bitcoin ATM was installed and was made available for public in October 2013. The city is placed at position #3 in our top list with 15 units installed. One can mention that there are 9 bitcoin ATMs in Vancouver, but there are 7 more in close proximity, so we assumed they located in Vancouver area.

There is no prominent bitcoin ATM operator in the city, however, most machines are installed by BitNational (4) and BitSent (3). Mostly installed types of machines are Lamassu (5) and BitAccess (4).

Vancouver bitcoin ATM map

#2 New York, USA – 15 bitcoin ATMs

New York CIty

We are getting closer to the top of our list. Position #2 belongs to New York. Only recently this city had few bitcoin ATMs, but made a break through recently and now has 15 bitcoin ATMs installed.

There are many operators in the area, however, top installations belong to Cottonwood Vending with 5 units. Top bitcoin ATM used in NY is Lamassu (6 machines).

New York bitcoin ATM map

#1 Montreal, Canada – 21 bitcoin ATMs

Montreal City

Finally, we reached position #1 and it belongs to Montreal, the city with 21 bitcoin ATMs. Such a big number of bitcoin machine locations in the city can be explained by activity of the top operator according to the number of machines – Instacoin (11 units). This is also the operator with highest number of working bitcoin ATMs worldwide to our knowledge. The U.S. company Zenbox has 12 machines according to their site, however, only 5 are marked as “online”, all the others are “offline”.

Thanks to Instacoin, the top used machine type in the Montreal area is Lamassu (12 units installed).

Montreal bitcoin ATM map

The cities with most bitcoin ATMs are either in U.S. or Canada. These two countries also lead in the number of total installations (check our statistics page). Hong Kong is the top Asian location.

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