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Using a BitAccess bitcoin ATM at Rocket Fizz in Las Vegas

This is the last (tenth) review from our bitcoin ATM use series. Hope our reviewers enjoyed HW.1 hardware wallets from Ledger and readers enjoyed reading experience of real people using bitcoin ATMs at different locations.

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The following review is provided to us by the user with a nickname NoNSeNsii from Las Vegas. Bitcoin machine that was reviewed is located at Rocket Fizz.

Bitcoin ATM Rocket Fizz Las Vegas

The bitcoin ATM was wonderfully convenient and easy to use. I started out walking up to it and noticing how strange and minimalistic it seemed. As I touched the screen to activate the process it gave basic questions and requests. It asked for my phone number. Then requested that I verify the front and back of my ID. Then it asked that I take a picture in front of the webcam in order to verify and authenticate. After verifying everything, it asked me to wait a moment as it verified. I then waited about 10 minutes. And I received a text message to go back to the ATM.

Then I requested to be dispensed a certain amount of money and it produced a QR code, which I then scanned with my wallet. And in a matter of minutes my cash was magically dispensed a single bill at a time.

Bitcoin ATM at Rocket Fizz in Las Vegas

And before you knew it I was off! There should be more of them around everywhere, but this one just happened to come in handy when I needed to withdraw some money quickly in a rush. The only thing that I believe could’ve used some improvement was the number of locations and the rate of  speed at which it would dispense money. Also it really would be extremely convenient if it could take credit card or bank and wire transfer to pay for bitcoins. I would suggest that other users flock to the ATM. Maybe the rate of exchange could also possibly be more constistent throughout all of the ATMs, however I understand that they are personally owned so it may be a little bit more difficult to get that to become more consistent throughout all of the different ATMs.

Bitcoin ATM at Rocket Fizz in Las Vegas

Considering the usefulness of the service that which it provides the public, I believe that they, bitcoin ATMs, would be a whole lot more popular amongst the public, if they were to be seen everywhere. In conclusion I had a wonderfully convenient experience using the bitcoin ATM service, and will most definitely be going and using one nearest to me as soon as possible. As a matter of fact more than likely tomorrow. You should most definitely find one too. I know that I’ll be accessing one somewhere in the world as soon as I possibly can. Hopefully next time I do I’ll be pulling out a few thousand or more.


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