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Using a bitcoin ATM: Lamassu bitcoin machine at Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara

This is a seventh review of our bitcoin ATM use series.

The following review is provided to us by Daniel C. from Santa Clara, CA. Bitcoin machine that was reviewed is located at Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara.

Lamassu bitcoin ATM Valley Fair Mall Santa Clara

Like a lot of people, I’m a newbie to the whole bitcoin idea. So when I started doing some actually research into it, I decided I needed some real BTC to play around with. Using an online service required sharing a bit more information than I really wanted to (there aren’t many companies I feel like trusting with my bank account), and person-to-person felt like a lot more effort than i cared to expend. Bitcoin ATMs sounded perfect, and after a bit of searching I found an ATM at the nearby Valley Fair mall in San Jose / Santa Clara.

The first question — how to get to it. I’m sure there are public transit options, but I drove over. As it is a mall in the south bay, it has tons of convenient parking. It’s quick to access from the freeway, and right off the main road.

Once you’re inside the mall, though, getting to the ATM itself is a bit more confusing — Coinucopia’s website doesn’t describe where it’s at in the mall, and it’s not listed on any of the mall maps, either by name or as a general ‘ATM’. I had to stop in at the mall’s information counter to ask for directions. Fortunately, they knew exactly what I was talking about ,and gave me good directions. I get the feeling I wasn’t the first person to have asked.

Lamassu bitcoin ATM Valley Fair Mall Santa Clara

The ATM is located in a nook on the second floor. It’s not connected to any store, it’s just hanging out on its own by a painting. It’s reasonably private and very accessible. I’ve gone ahead and marked up a map to better show where the ATM is — hopefully this makes it a bit easier to find for you than it was for me. Due to the fact that it is just sitting in a public area, there isn’t anyone there to ask questions of if you run into trouble. Good thing it’s so easy to use!

Lamassu bitcoin ATM Valley Fair Mall Santa Clara

The ATM itself is very sleek, simple, and easy to use. All you need to do is scan your QR code, insert money, and you’re good to go! There was no registration, no checking text messages, nothing. It took both my $10 and $20 bills without question (a step up from an ATM in SF that only accepted $20s).

Lamassu bitcoin ATM Valley Fair Mall Santa Clara

While you can see the balance move to your wallet almost instantly, they also give you a QR code of the confirmation that they specifically say to take a photo of. At that point, you clear the screen, and it’s ready for the next transaction.

Lamassu bitcoin ATM Valley Fair Mall Santa Clara

For a first experience purchasing bitcoin, I can’t imagine anything being simpler!

Now for the downside — the exchange rate. At the time I went, Coinbase had a USD / BTC exchange rate of $438.77. Coinucopia’s ATM was selling BTC at $518.48. 18% above market rate does seem a bit steep — they may have an ‘up to $5000’ limit here, but I’m assuming that if you’re going for that sort of volume, you can probably find a better rate by going through something else.

Lamassu bitcoin ATM Valley Fair Mall Santa Clara

Overall, this ATM did exactly what I hoped it would. It was easy to use, in a convenient location, and looked both professional and ‘normal’. The exchange rate is a bit steep for making large purchases, but to quickly pick up a bit of bitcoin, it’s perfect.

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4 thoughts on “Using a bitcoin ATM: Lamassu bitcoin machine at Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara

  1. It was awesome seeing a Bitcoin ATM inside a local gas station, a welcome sight for sure. It felt kind of like I was standing next to a rocket powered DeLorean waiting for a guy named Marty get done checking his funds. It would be great if printed on the back of the receipt there were directions on how to use the funds or to this website. Bitcoin is missing only one element, it needs to be easier for the average person to use. A perfect place to educate the masses, who like me, need it is a poster describing what BTC is, how it’s stored, accessed, secured, etc. All of these things would help tremendously for someone such as myself, who is new to BTC and the rest of crypto currency. Before I came here I did a review of my experience, it’s on Instagram. I certainly don’t want to take credit that isn’t mine. I had only good things to say!

  2. Rip Off
    I just used a coinucopia ATM in Cotati CA. To convert $140 to Bitcoin the charged me $44!!
    30% that is robbery and they hide there fees. Not one mention on there website or their ATMs. Do not use!!!

    1. Hello Matthew. Sorry to hear about your experience. Coinucopia uses Lamassu machines and prices of purchase bitcoin should be displayed on the screen before initiating transaction.
      I would assume you need to compare it to the market feed of your choice to understand the level of fees, but it can be done before transaction. So if it is too high customer should be able to not proceed.

  3. Don’t ever us a coinucopia ATM, they rape their customers. 30% fee while almost all other Btc ATM’s charge about 10%-12%. It is unbelievable they can get away with this….they should not be in business. If btc were regulated, coinucopia management would all be in prison.

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