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Using a bitcoin ATM: Robocoin / Lamassu machine at Southcenter Mall in Seattle, WA

This is a fifth review of our bitcoin ATM usage series.

The following story is provided to us by a user with nickname Crow from Seattle, WA. And bitcoin ATM reviewed is located at Southcenter Mall in Seattle, WA.

Coinme bitcoin kiosk Seattle

I discovered this website (and subsequently, this ATM) recently. The overall experience was good (with some exceptions).

The ATM does not accept credit/debit cards, which wasn’t a huge dilemma (for me personally) as there was a cash ATM right next to the bitcoin ATM. So, the machine was conveniently placed next to a cash ATM to address that issue. No big deal. The cash ATM also happened to be surcharge-free for me, even better.

The bitcoin ATM process starts off simple. Buy or Sell bitcoins? Today, I bought bitcoins.

Scan your driver’s licence with the machine by placing it at waist level. The service uses the licence number to create a login account to “” (which is where your bitcoins are held). The machine prompts you to insert notes into the machine. I proceeded to deposit $60. Lastly, the machine gives you a unique passcode (COIN-XXXX) to use with the ‘coinmewallet’ website.

This is where it could’ve been problematic. Again, this machine was placed in a very convenient spot. I’ll elaborate further…

The machine does not print receipts. There is no physical confirmation of your transaction. You will either need to write the code down (with a pen and paper, which means you need to be prepared beforehand) – or you need to memorise the code. Fortunately for me, there was a guest services desk right next to the machine – so I was able to get a pen to write with.

It’s a four-digit code, I’m sure I could’ve memorised it – but still, the experience could’ve gone far worse for a first-timer who just wanted to buy some Bitcoin, as the screen will only prompt this code for a moment before ending the transaction and returning to the main screen. I know I would hate to be the one person that drops several hundred dollars into the machine only to find myself frantically scrambling for a pen and paper (or constantly repeating the numbers to myself in order to memorize the PIN to my valuable bitcoins).

Coinme bitcoin kiosk Seattle

That being said, it was a decent experience overall. After moving the Bitcoins off the ‘coinmewallet’ to my personal wallet, I felt secure enough to return to this ATM and make another deposit.

This time, the whole process went smooth as butter. Scan your licence, insert notes, verify your deposit, and you’re done (no COIN-XXXX code is given, as it was only needed for first-time registration at the ‘coinmewallet’ website). The machine appears to be optimized for those who already have made a deposit at the machine, or have a ‘coinmewallet’ account already established.

But for those who want to buy BTC from this provider’s ATM for the first time, a printed receipt of the COIN-XXXX code (and perhaps the URL as a reminder), would’ve been great. It would reassure the first-timer that their transaction was successful and they have the necessary prerequisites to claim their Bitcoins.

Coinme bitcoin kiosk Seattle

In conclusion, If I’m itching for some Bitcoin and I happen to be at this mall again, then I’ll definitely use it. I would also recommend others in the area to give it a go, just come prepared. Four stars.


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