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Why developing your bitcoin ATM brand is important and how to do it

Why you need to create and promote your bitcoin ATM brand

Almost every day there is a new bitcoin ATM installed somewhere in the world. Most of the locations are in the U.S. and as it was mentioned in previous posts there is a concentration trend continues in bitcoin ATM industry.  Concentration happens on both levels: geographical level (bitcoin ATM locations are not evenly distributed with some peak numbers in particular cities) and operator level (there are some big players appeared on the market that have many bitcoin ATM machines installed). Two trends are interrelated as the same operator may want to locate machines in the area where the company or owners are located. However, some bitcoin operators have nationwide or even worldwide networks.

Bitcoin NW bitcoin machine branded
BitcoinNW bitcoin ATM installed in Portland

With these trends in place it is very important for bitcoin ATM operators to distinguish their machines from competitors’. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are:

  • You want users who had good experience of using your machines associate it with your brand, as well as you don’t want a bad experience of using other bitcoin ATMs to be falsely connected to your business;
  • As an operator you might run some particular campaigns, e.g. discounted fee rates for VIP customers, and in this case you’d like to have an easy way for users to detect where are all your machines located.

Branding becomes important especially when only several types of bitcoin ATMs are used extensively, e.g. Genesis Coin machines have about 30% of total market and more than 50% share in the U.S.

How to brand your bitcoin machines

There are many ways branding is done. Here are just several of them.

Custom wrap

The most common technique used is customization of how a bitcoin machine looks with a branded wrap. In one of the old posts we’ve covered how different BitAccess machine design could be. But here are some more examples with other machine types:

Lamassu basic model look:

Lamassu basic look

Lamassu bitcoin ATM custom wraps:

Lamassu custom wrap

Genesis Coin basic look (Satoshi1 machine):

Genesis Coin basic look

There are few Genesis Coin customized wraps or with stickers. This is mainly because Genesis Coin manufacturer supports white-labeling of the machines, which allows to customize screen UI design with standard toolkit (see below). So here are couple of machines found with custom wrap on it:

Genesis Coin wrap

General Bytes plain look:

General Bytes basic look

There is very limited number of customized General Bytes machines, just a few with stickers instead of whole wraps:

General Bytes wrap

Custom UI design

This is another portion of bitcoin machine design which can be aligned with operator’s branding. As mentioned before Genesis Coin provides white-labeling of their solution, which means operators can change start screen design and other UI elements with standard settings that are provided within back office of the machine. This explains that there are so many differently styled-screens machines on the market:

Genesis Coin Screens

Genesis Coin Screens

However, although machines have different styled start screen, they still look similar and there is a lot of confusion happens on the users side, when they come across such a machine and call another operator, whose similar machine they used before. In this case custom wrap will add more unique identity to the machine.

Lamassu provides their software as an open-source code, which means it can be adjusted and customized by operator in whatever direction needed. Some operators took this opportunity and changed screen UI designs for their machines. Most prominent example is probably Mike Tyson ATM with a screen customized with Tyson’s tattoo image.

Lamassu custom screen

With General Bytes it was more difficult to find customized screens. Only one example of Heliopay was found, which basically not really a custom screen, but a logo added on the start screen, which is still better than nothing from branding point of view.

General Bytes screen

Website and social networks

Another must for operators who would like to promote their brand is to have consistent and similarly designed websites and social accounts. Here are several out of many good examples how brand-recognition can be built and supported via twitter account:


Red Leaf Chicago

Athena Bitcoin


If customers will be able to easily associate company online presence with bitcoin machines they used or going to use – that will make it easier for people to get information. E.g. brand recognition can bring more followers on social network accounts, which will result in broader audience reach.

Branding support on CoinATMRadar

At CoinATMRadar we’ve recently added a new service called “Featured operator”. It provides several advantages to operators:

  • First and the main advantage is that operator by using a simple constructor page can create a custom design page dedicated to his own brand. It will contain general information about the company and contact details, as well as a map with all locations of this operator and also a list of all bitcoin machines with details.

Featured bitcoin ATM operator

  • All bitcoin ATM listings of this operator will be enriched with logo in the operator section linking to this page. So if a user finds one machine of such an operator on our site and clicks on the logo, he is landed on the page of this operator with all locations, which increases the conversion rate for operator in general as there is a higher chance that any of the machines will be used.

Featured bitcoin ATM operator

  • Similar logo with link is placed in popups on the main bitcoin ATM map page of the site.

Featured bitcoin ATM operator

  • Finally all operators who use “featured operator” service are listed on the “featured operators” page with total number of bitcoin machines installed by every operator.

Featured bitcoin ATM operator

This service might be useful for those operators who want to increase its brand recognition and especially for those who have network of many machines, as it allows users to find machines within network more easily. On the other hand, service could also be useful for new operators, who don’t have their own website, as it basically provides a way to create such a one-page website with all needed details for potential customers.

Feel free to send your inquiries about the service at

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