Cryptomatic cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Cryptomatic ATMs installed: 11

About: CryptomaticATM is a Ukraine based company for hard-and software solutions for Crypto ATM Business and has been actively involved in the crypto terminals market for the past 5 years.

They manufacture at our own factory and distribute ready-to-use crypto-ATMs in more than 25 countries around the globe to resellers and ATM network operators under their brand or as a white-label-solution.

Five Crypto ATM Series are provided by CryptomaticATM at the moment: Junior Series, Cobra Series, Senior Series, Counter Series and JPOS. All models are available as One-Way and Two-Way version and of course optional equipped for card payments incl. processing in 120 countries worldwide with VISA, MASTERCARD or GPAY.

All Crypto ATM models support remote management, including email notification of different events, e.g. transactions done or reaching some amount in cash stored.


A customer's identity can (optionally) be checked using the fingerprint reader, cell phone number verification, ID card scan, or selfie verification to increase customer cash limits. AML / KYC laws differ throughout the world, but CryptomaticATM is flexible enough to accommodate even the most stringent AML / KYC regulations.

The CryptomaticATM server is also capable of obtaining customer name and address details based on a cell phone number and run instant background checks against terrorist watch lists. This is required for some markets, most notably the USA.

Since 2020 CryptomaticATM also offers an ATM TURNKEY solution, no more worries about license issues, working capital and additional costs!

Price: Junior Series up from 649,00$
Cobra Series up from 2.200,00$
Senior Series up from 3.200,00$
Counter Series up from 1.800,00$
JPOS up from 599,00$

For the CryptomaticATM software (incl. service and support 24/7) - additionally 0.5% of revenue.