LoCoins cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of LoCoins locations: 27

About: LoCoins is England based startup company providing operator teller franchise services to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The company is created by existing operator of Bitcoin ATM's -- Bitnik from Slovenia.

Service allows existing shops and retailers to add a crypto<>cash exchange offering for their customers without an overhead of security concerns, market risks and regulatory compliance.

The flow for the user is as follows:
1. Registers an account with LoCoins using LoCoins web app.
2. Creates a Deal: announcing an exchange transaction of X amount in selected shop using LoCoins web app.
3. Buy flow: hands over fiat funds to Cashier in selected shop and receives crypto funds to provided address.
4. Sell flow: sends crypto funds to provided address and collects funds from Cashier in selected shop.

Site: https://locoins.io/