Intellogate cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Intellogate ATMs installed: 14

About: Intellogate LLC is a member of the Karbon Group holding, which is engaged in the development of high-tech industries, in particular in the aerospace industry with the design and production of unmanned aerial systems, fintech solutions for banking and transport, different developments in the field of alternative energy and similar.

Intellogate's crypto currency solution is a distributed transaction system being based on a centralized processing platform, called "Intellosuite", and ATM’s with different functionality being able to work in cashless, one-way or two-way setups. The entire solution is designed for ATM network operators and solely developed and produced by Intellogate, what allows customization of all related HW and SW components for dedicated use cases.

Intellogate's crypto currency ATM line is represented by the products APT-41, APT-63 DACH and APT-101. All these machines can be customized to work in cashless, cash-in or cash-out and two-way mode. Also, they can support additional features such as KYC, payment handling (top up phone/card, utility charges, remittance), currency exchange and other.

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