FastBitcoins cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of FastBitcoins locations: 52

About: FastBitcoins is a service which allows to buy and sell bitcoins for cash at physical locations.

* In order to buy:
* Visit a location and purchase a fastbitcoins voucher.
* Visit the redeem voucher page on fastbitcoins page.
* Provide a Bitcoin address to receive your bitcoins.
* Calculate your order & accept the quote to complete the order.
* Receive your bitcoins in your wallet within minutes.

To Sell:
* Check to ensure you have a location close to you.
* Visit the fastbitcoins sell bitcoins page
* Complete the order form
* Calculate your order & accept the quote to complete the order
* You will be provided with payment details, when you have completed the payment and it has been confirmed you will receive a collection reference
* Take the collection reference to a participating location and they will complete the order and provide you with your cash

KYC verifification is required for any amount.

Need to provide the following information:

Full Name
Date of Birth

Acceptable Identity Documents
Driving License
National Identity Card

You will also need to provide a recent selfie.

Price: Redeeming Vouchers

Selling Bitcoins