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About: Diamond Circle is the maker of a new type of Bitcoin ATMs - cashless ATMs.

To use the machine the user has to purchase Bitcoin Debit Card which costs %5.00 and can be purchased from the ATM as well. The Debit Card contains a Bitcoin wallet. The Debit Card from Diamond Circle operates using NFC.

Whenever the customers have a Debit Cart they can top it up with bitcoins by purchasing from the same Bitcoin ATM using their Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard). The balance of the card can also be checked in the ATM in less than 5 seconds.

The Debit Card can be used in the POS terminals to make purchases everywhere. The rate of Bitcoin is connected to the local exchange rates.

The system supports KYC/AML policy and has variable limitations on the operations in order to reduce chargebacks ($5,000 in AU per customer requires no KYC).

The company works on the remittance solution. It will be possible to transfer money to anyone for cashing out via SMS. The NFC debit cards support Apple SDK on iPhone 6 which has NFC.

Price: RRP:

  • 1-4 Units - AUD $11,748
  • 5-9 Units - AUD $10,680
  • 10+ Units - AUD $10,146

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