CoinSquare cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of CoinSquare locations: 2104

About: CoinSquare allows to sell cryptocurrency with existing ATM by adding Bitcoin transaction support from Coinsquare. No PC or app required. Customers simply use their debit card and your ATM to make a purchase using the traditional ATM process.

This Software is supported by RL2000 X2, RL2000 X2 CE5 8” Display, RL5000, RT2000, FT5000 X2 CE5 10.4” Display on Triton and WinCE 6.0, application version V06.01.36 (released on 10/09/17) and above on Hyosung.

Benefits to ATM Operator
• Make your ATM a destination for a new set of customers
• Easy to implement with no hardware required
• New revenue stream on every transaction
• No disruption to existing ATM operations
• Increase exposure to your ATM location with the ATM locator
• Turn Bitcoin buyers into repeat customers at your locations
• Cryptocurrencies currently supported: Bitcoin

Financial Considerations
ATM operators earn revenue on every cryptocurrency transaction

Customer Features
• The easiest way to purchase Bitcoin in the world
• Great way for new customers to enter the world of cryptocurrency
• Receipt with cryptocurrency public and private keys and transaction details
• Transfer cryptocurrency to your existing wallet with a simple QR scan
• Additional cryptocurrencies available as popularity increases

Price: Fees: check each location