Azteco cryptocurrency/cash exchange service provider

Total number of Azteco locations: 50

About: Azteco is the Bitcoin Voucher company that has been providing the fastest and easiest way to purchase Bitcoin since 2019. Azteco allows the user to easily purchase Bitcoin with their Credit/Debit Card or Cash (in some locations).

* Edge, Pine, and Blue direct wallet integrations

How it works:

- Search for a location through CoinATMRadar or directly on Azteco website:

- Go to nearby location, purchase a voucher amount between $20 - $1,000 (per voucher)

- Visit the Azteco website to redeem Bitcoin directly to your wallet. If you have Edge, Pine, or Blue wallets, you can redeem the Bitcoin Voucher directly in the app by navigating to the receive function

Price: 2% Fee to buy bitcoin (additional vendor fees range by region)