BitXChange cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of BitXChange ATMs installed: 14

About: BitXChange is the first Georgian company to develop and deploy its own in-house produced cryptocurrency ATM machines.

The company currently produces two models of ATM machines. Designed with accessibility and reliability in mind, they both offer two-way functionality – buying and selling cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC):

* Apparat0 model is equipped with a cash recycler, that accepts bills during cash-in and dispenses them one-by-one during cash-out operations. The maximum cash-out capacity is limited to 70 bills.

* Apparat1 model is equipped with a bank-grade banknote dispenser, suitable for larger volume cash-out operations.

BitXchange machines are equipped with a flexible AML/KYC toolkit that facilitates compliance with local and international regulatory frameworks without compromising user experience.

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