Skyhook cryptocurrency ATM machine producer

Total number of Skyhook ATMs installed: 6

UPDATE: Project Skyhook is no longer a reliable product. Company has shut down its activity in beginning of 2015. Newly ordered machines were not delivered to customers. Software is not supported anymore. Many operators tried to develop their own software in order to continue to use machines. Original software+hardware is quite buggy. Not recommended as a bitcoin ATM.

An Oregon, Portland based startup for producing small and compact Bitcoin ATM machines based on open-source development. ATM is sold at affordable price of $999. The machine has touch-screen graphical interface and is based on free open-source ATM source code. Skyhook accepts US, Canadian and Australian Dollars as well as Euros, Yuan, Argentenian Pesos, and many other currencies.

The settings screens could be found here.

Price: Skyhook machines are not sold anymore.

Old price (left for history records):